A Healthy Guide to a Healthy Lifestyle

There is a saying, ‘Nothing worthy comes easy’. If you want something good in your life, you will have to put in some effort for it. This is true even in the case of attaining a good health and lifestyle. The foremost thing to do is preparing your own meals. It might seem a little difficult at the beginning, but gradually, you will start appreciating the importance of preparing your own food, as you start seeing the effects on your body. When you make your meals, you have total control over it. You know what goes into it and in what proportions. Chuck out the preserved fruit juices from your refrigerator. Buy a good juicer or blender instead so that you can make fresh fruit juice for yourself every time you want. It is not only natural but more nutritive. Preserved and canned juices are loaded with sugars and empty calories. Therefore, consuming them would do you more harm than good.

Many of us tend to give in to social formalities at parties and gatherings, eventually eating up more than we normally would, because we find it difficult to say no when our host insists. However, in our own interest, we need to learn to say a polite no. After all, it is our body and we are responsible for its well being. Just say a polite no and say you are not hungry, if you do not feel like eating more.

Carry a water bottle with you whenever you go out so that you can continue to have water at regular intervals. That way, you can continue your fluid intake whenever you wish to. It saves your money too. Plus, you would not need to resort to unhealthy alternatives like soda and carbonated soft drinks.

If you are out and feel hungry or just feel like munching something, head to the nearest salad bar. Pick your greens; select your favorite toppings finish it off with a nice dressing. Just take care that you select the healthy toppings and dressing by opting for low fat yogurt and others. Stay away from cream, oil, mayonnaise etc. The variety is really huge, it is super filling and most importantly, it is extremely healthy. If you feel like indulging in a treat, opt for low fat and low calorie alternatives to prevent fat accumulation. You have enough options available today right from yogurts to bread spreads to salad dressings, soy milk and even ice cream.

Oily food is a complete ‘No No’. Limit your intake of junk and fast food like fries, chips, donuts, wedges, rolls and foods that have been deep fried in oil. They definitely are very fattening. But the bigger hazard is that deep fried food contains a chemical called acrylamide which has potential cancer causing properties. Have you realized that you start feeling a little sluggish and heavy after having oily foods? Opt for healthier alternatives like stir-fried, steamed, grilled or raw food. Invest in a good air fryer which will allow you to indulge in your favorite foods without upsetting your diet plan severely.

Eat well and in moderation now so that you do not have to totally give up your favourite foods later on in life.


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