How to Play Secrets of the Phoenix?

A Gamesys Slot

Secrets of the Phoenix, powered by Gamesys, transports players to a mystical floating island where the right relics could send them home with riches. This online slot machine game incorporates different themes from South American tribal art within the symbols that appear on the reels. The background of the slot appears to be an ancient temple that features fiery phoenixes as players spin the reel. This online casino game offers a wide range of features and benefits that set it apart from other online slots. From the dark underworld theme that the game takes on during the free spin round, to cascades awarding players free spins, there’s no telling what you may experience or how much you may win while playing Secrets of the Phoenix. Before jumping right in, knowing how to play and what to expect may give you a bit of an edge for increased winning potential.

Getting Started

To start playing Secrets of the Phoenix, you will first need to place your bet. This can be done by using the helpful buttons at the bottom of the slot machine screen. There are 25 pay lines that are spread out over 5 reels. When placing your bet, you may choose to bet anywhere from a minimum of $0.01 per pay line with a total of a $0.25 bet, to as much as $4.00 per pay line for a maximum of a $100 bet. After clicking on your bet amount, the reel will begin to spin, landing on a combination of different relics that are dropped into place. If a player lands on a matching combination, they will “explode” from the slot screen, accompanied by a sounding harp audio burst. A section of the cascade level system will light up on the right side of the screen. The more successive cascades a player lands on, the better. Successive cascades may activate the special free spin mode in the game. After each spin, the cascade leveling system resets itself, giving you another chance at winning big.

Free Spins Bonus Mode

While there are no scatter symbols in Secrets of the Phoenix that activate a bonus round like you may experience in most other online slots, successive cascades will instead lead to free spins. If a player hits four successive cascades on one spin of the reel, they will be taken into the underworld, where the reel transforms into a dark color and they are gifted seven free spins in this area. The more cascades you hit on a single spin, the more free spins you will win for the chance to take home a large amount of winnings. Players have the chance to activate up to 25 free spins at one time in Secrets of the Phoenix.

While playing your free spins in the free spin round, the cascade feature is still in play. This means that you have the chance to re-trigger the free spin bonus while you’re already spinning for free! However, four successive cascades while in this mode will only trigger 2 additional free spins rather than 7. Enjoy your free spins by playing each one individually or simply click the auto spin button to play all of your free spins at once for a faster paced slot game.

Cashing Out

When you’re ready to cash out, simply click on the button to collect your winnings. These winnings will be deposited directly into your casino account for your convenience. Use your winnings to continue playing Secrets of the Phoenix, try out some new games, or simply deposit it right into your bank account. We found this site that helps you win more cash when playing Tiki Island and Secrets of the Phoenix.

Secrets of the Phoenix is truly a high-quality, fast-paced online slot game that requires very little skill and a whole lot of luck. In addition, there is one other bonus that sets Secrets of the Phoenix apart from the rest. A special pick a win grid game is associated with this slot that is completely free to play. Take advantage of five free picks with great prizes available including free spins, real cash prizes, bonuses for daily players and more. This simply gives players an extra incentive to keep playing this quality slot game available from Virgin Casino.


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