How To Add Page Numbers In Microsoft Word
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How To Add Page Numbers In Microsoft Word

Many people prefer Microsoft Word, especially those who are part of the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. You may want to print a paper, novel, or essay after you’ve finished writing it. Before you do that, make sure the document has page numbers for easy reference. In Microsoft Word, here’s how to add page numbers.

When you’re passing out a Word document to others, including page numbers is a good idea. It allows people to refer to the subject without getting lost in the language. For Mac and Windows, Microsoft has a somewhat distinct user interface. Word is now included in the single Office software that Microsoft published a few years ago for Android and iPhone.

We’ll go over the Mac, Windows, and mobile versions of Microsoft Word. Let’s get started without further ado.

1. Microsoft Word For Mac

Microsoft Word for Mac has lately been given a makeover. The software has a native look and feel, and it also supports the newest M1 chip. To add page numbers in Microsoft Word on a Mac, follow the steps below.

Step 1: On a Mac, open Microsoft Word.

Step 2: Open the document to which you wish to add page numbers in Word.

Step 3: At the top of the page, select the Insert menu.

Step 4: From the context menu, select Page Number and insert Page Number.

It will bring up a window where you can change the location and alignment of the page numbers. The position is set to the bottom of the page by default, with the right side aligned. You can adjust the alignment to Left, Centre, Inside, or Outside and move the position to the top of the page.

Click on Format at the bottom of the same dialogue box to open a new Page Number Format menu.

You can change the Number format from numerical to alphabetical, Roman numbers, and other options here. Users can also choose to include chapter numbers for easier reference, among other options. After you’ve made the necessary modifications, click Ok at the bottom of the screen, and the page number will show on the Word document.

2. Microsoft Word For Windows

All of Microsoft’s Office programmes for Windows 11 were recently refreshed. The latest Office programmes, including Microsoft Word, blend seamlessly with the new Windows 11’s minimalist design.

The procedures to add page numbers in Microsoft Word on Windows are as follows:

Step 1: On Windows, open Microsoft Word and navigate to the document.

Step 2: In the Menu bar, select Insert.

Step 3: Select Page Number from the drop-down menu and see the page number preview. Microsoft’s Page Number option includes a live preview of page numbers, which we enjoy.

Check the page number location and apply it to the Word document by previewing it.

You may alter the number format, enable chapter numbers, and do a lot more using Formate Page Numbers. At the bottom, click Ok to apply page numbers to the Word document.

If you routinely work with page numbers in Microsoft Word, you can start with a fresh document and use the procedures above to add page numbers.

Now, go to the File menu at the top and select Save As. On your computer, save the papers with memorable names. You may now open the stored documents and make adjustments whenever you need to work with page numbers in Microsoft Word. Finally, save it under an other name and save the original document.

3. Microsoft Word App For Mobile

If you’re on the move and need to quickly add page numbers, you may do so with the Microsoft Office app for iPhone or Android.

We’ll use the Office iOS app as an example, but you can achieve the same thing on Android by following the same procedures.

Step 1: On your iPhone or Android, open the Office app.

Step 2: In the app, you’ll see your recently used documents.

Step 3: Go to the editing mode in a document.

Step 4: On the top of the keyboard, tap the three-dot menu.

Step 5: Select Insert from the Home menu.

Step 6: Scroll down to Page Numbers and tap it.

Step 7: Double-check the page numbering.

The Format Page Numbers option allows you to customize page numbers.

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