Use Mul­ti Win­dow On Sam­sung Galaxy Phones

Use Mul­ti Win­dow On Sam­sung Galaxy Phones

Samsung established the big-screen trend in the smartphone business with the launch of the Galaxy Note in 2011. Over time, the company added new capabilities to take advantage of the ever-increasing screen size of smartphones. Samsung has also included add-ons such as one-handed mode and Multi Window, which allow you to manage the OS like a multitasking nerd.

Use Mul­ti Win­dow On Sam­sung Galaxy Phones

The Fold and Flip series are now part of the Korean company’s portfolio. So mastering one-handed mode and Multi Window methods to view many apps at once on a foldable screen is more vital than ever. However, these tactics work on normal Galaxy cellphones as well.

Although Google took some cues from the One UI to improve multitasking on Android, the overall approach on a Samsung phone remains superior. On all Samsung Galaxy phones running One UI, here’s how to use Multi Window.

On Samsung Galaxy Phones, What Dose Multi Windows Mean ?

Multi Windows, as the name implies, allows you to open numerous app windows on your main screen. You can minimise those app windows, drag them into other apps, and they’ll be ready to deliver you content with a simple tap.

It’s a useful feature, particularly on a screen with a higher aspect ratio. Samsung, on the other hand, hasn’t stopped there. With app pairs, you can make a pair of apps in the Edge panel and launch two apps in split-view with a single tap.

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Because of the precision of the S-pen and the large screen to navigate around app windows, anyone using a Galaxy Note smartphone with an S-pen will find it more handy.

How To Enable Multi Window For An App

The Multi Window capability has been added into Samsung’s multitasking menu. There are no difficult movements to enable or disable Multi Window on your Galaxy phones, unlike One-handed mode. Here’s how to put it to good use.

Step 1: Launch the app you’d like to use as a Multi Window.

Step 2: From the bottom, swipe up and hold to see the multitasking menu.

Step 3: From the multitasking menu, keep the app in focus and press on the app icon.

Step 4: Select Open in pop-up view, and an app window for the selected app will appear.

You can continue to use the app as usual while also viewing the other stuff on the screen.

Many Windows To Choose From

The Multi Window functionality may be used for more than just creating floating programme windows. You may minimize them, experiment with transparency, use full-screen mode, and even resize programme windows to suit your needs. To take these tasks, follow the steps outlined below.

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On Samsung Galaxy Phones, How To Minimize Multi Windows

When you use the Multi Window function to create an app window, you’ll notice a little indicator at the top. Select the two arrow icon as seen in the screenshot by tapping on it. The app will be minimised and placed in the upper-right corner. You may long-press it to move the app icon to any location on the screen.

Tap the app icon to enlarge the display and maximize the app.

How To Change The Transparency Of Multi Windows

The Multi Window add-on is packed with features, as you’d expect from a Samsung product. When the software is utilized in Multi Window mode, for example, you can experiment with its transparency.

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Create an app window and tap the top-right tiny indication. Select the second transparency symbol and adjust the slider to maintain the appropriate level of transparency. It’s set at the highest level by default. You can, however, reduce the intensity to achieve a transparent look.

In A Full Screen App, How Do You Expand Many Windows

You can exit the Multi Window view at any time and extend the app in full-screen mode. This is how you do it.

To view the programme in full-screen mode when it is in multi-window mode, tap the indication at the top and select the expand icon.

You can convert the app back to multi-window mode by following the steps from the first method.

How Do I Get Rid Of A Popup View Windows

You can use the approach stated above to minimize a programmed that is open in the Multi Window. Then simply drag and drop the app icon to the bottom of the screen to dismiss it.

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