8BitDo launches a wired Xbox controller

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Peripheral maker 8BitDo is expanding its reach with its first Xbox-style gamepad. Starting today, you can pre-order the 8Bitdo Ultimate Wired Controller for Xbox for 45. It starts shipping on May 31st.

That Xbox-style means 8BitDo is adopting offset analog sticks for the first time. The company has previously relied on symmetrical stick placements, such as the PlayStation Dualsense or Nintendo Pro Controller. In addition to sticks and ropes, the new gamepad also includes the following features:

  • 3.5mm audio jack
  • Removable buttons on Xbox, Windows, Android, or iOS using 8BitDo’s Ultimate software
  • 2 back pedal button
  • Trigger the vibrations

The company also promises to pay more attention to the ergonomics and grip of the wired controller. It also uses the Xbox Series X / S design as a base, which means it has a dedicated button for sharing.

I usually like the controllers of 8BitDo. They are especially good for D-pads. This is the company that has designed the excellent analog pocket. So if you want to add more controllers to your collection, this is a potential option.

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