A gene-edited pigs heart has been transplanted into a human for the first time

What’s next: According to the federal agency Health Resources and Services Administration, U.S. Organic demand is huge with about 107,000 people on the transplant waiting list, 17 of whom die every day.

Early results seem promising for Bennett, who is expected to emerge from the heart-lung bypass machine on which he relied today (Jan. 11) to keep him alive. Rejection or infection.

New Boundary: While xenotransplantation has a long and often unsuccessful history of the process of transplanting animal organs or tissues into humans, new gene-acquisition techniques are making it more practical. In last week’s operation, the genetically modified pig was supplied by Revicor, one of the few biotech companies working to develop pig organs for transplantation into humans.

Revivicor was also behind the successful transplantation of a pig kidney into a human patient last October, a major milestone in proving the viability of its technique. Along with Revivicor, Harvard scientist George Church founded a company, eGensis, which is working on using CRISPR gene-acquisition to enable animal organs for human transplantation, although their ambitious proposed duration has fallen short.

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