A path to technology: from China to Silicon Valley

Xu says she always saw the tech sector as her destiny. The daughter of two professors, she was raised in a highly competitive family in China. When she was 12, her father was a visiting professor in the US and told stories about the innovations he saw in Silicon Valley. Named one of the most influential women in the Bay Area in 2017 by the San Francisco Business Times and in 2018 by the Silicon Valley Business Journal, she is now a Fellow of the Distinguished Careers Institute at Stanford.

“My mother always told me, ‘You only have monovision. You need to work twice as hard.’ I always worked really hard. It became a habit, “says Xu, whose eyes were fixed eight years ago. She is” beyond words “thankful for her experience at the organization.” I integrated coursework and knowledge into my work style, but The biggest impact on me was MIT’s strong feelings, “she says. She wanted MIT so much that she left her honeymoon to pay tuition.

After living in 39 locations in 13 years, the zoo has settled in the Bay Area. When she’s not working, she speeds up to 30 mph a week and spends time with friends from the local MIT class. She lives with her immediate family, her Golden Retriever Pokie, her mother-in-law and her parents.

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