ALTR launches policy automation engine for enterprises

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Texas-based ALTR, which offers a platform to manage Snowflake data access and security, today announced the release of a policy automation engine to help companies automate the entire policy writing and retention process to control what data and how often they gain access. Is.

Why Automated Policy Implementation?

Often under-staffed and overburdened, data and analytics engineering teams face massive backlogs from their business. On top of this, if asked to set up a data access policy, manage ongoing updates for data permissions, and handle data access requests, these professionals spend most of their business hours on tasks rather than their main job.

ALTR’s policy automation engine, which debuted at the ongoing Snowflake Summit, addresses this challenge by automatically enforcing access policies on sensitive data types (such as emails and social security numbers) with data governance policies and security features.

“It combines traditional governance features such as access control and dynamic data masking with security controls such as data access limits and tokenization, all powered by meta-data (in the case of snowflake tags, snowflakes) and implemented without code,” said Doug Wick. , Said VentureBeat, vice president of ALTR manufacturing.

“Automated policy for data scales it easily and allows data engineers to save months of time, and if they choose, assign the policy entirely to business domains in support of the data mesh strategy,” he added.

This means that manual handling of policy updates does not occur every time new data is added or work is done to maintain compliance with sensitive data.

Space explosion

While the offer is interesting, ALTR is not the only player exploring the space. Satori, Privitar, BigID, OneTrust, TrustArc are all looking or gaining momentum in the Access and Compliance Management category. In fact, just a few days ago, Boston-based Immuta raised $ 100 million in Category E funds.

However, Vic claims that ALTR differs from these players in three main ways: the best time for value and the lowest cost of ownership, the value starting from zero and comprehensive policy implementation by extending governance to include measurement and security with use.

“Most other players in policy automation, including Emuta, have taken the approach of creating a proxy server that sits opposite Datastore. Your IT staff should maintain and pay for the proxy’s infrastructure, keep it up to date and take ownership of any issues that arise, “Vick said. “Some now offer a managed service version of their proxy, often branded as SaaS [software-as-a-service]But it only means that they will set up a proxy for you and take some control of it out of your hands. ”

VK explained that ALTR, as a cloud-native service, integrates directly into the rear end of the snowflake, keeping all your access points intact.

“It uses cloud resources to scale and showcase your Snowflake example, with an implementation that takes minutes and puts no burden on your IT team. Because our own costs are measured with your usage, we offer a free version of our software where less-qualified users can tap into the power of our platform as long as they want, ”he added.

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