Amazon Union Loses Vote at Second Staten Island Warehouse

Leaders, Christian Small and Mr. Palmer met with the heads of the major labor unions, who pledged resources and support. Senator Bernie Sanders, Vermont Independent, and Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a Democrat from New York, rallied against the LDJ5 on April 24, the day before voting began.

On JFK8, workers often have a 10-hour shift, if not longer, four days a week, but on LDJ5, many work part-time. Lack of full-time work has become a common complaint, especially since the location on Staten Island often requires long journeys.

But organizing part-time workers is usually difficult because they have less interaction and less overall investment in their workplace. On Amazon, part-time employees do not receive health care, but they do have access to other benefits, such as 401 (k) matching, which is not usually the case with other part-time jobs.

Michael Aguilar, a facility employee who was active in supporting the union, said some of the co-workers he knew personally were convinced they had voted in favor.

“Some of them are young – I don’t think they even know what a union is,” he said. Aguilar said, adding: “I think they thought Amazon was just a step up, and then raise money from this place and then go into their own careers. They didn’t understand why they would want it if it was only temporary for them.

The union pushed for a vote despite the fact that many of its top executives and organizers work on JFK8 rather than a small facility, which has a poor presence within the group. Organizers tried to counteract this by spending a few hours talking to workers outside the LDJ5 regularly after their shift during polling week, but they admitted they did not have the same relationship with workers there.

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