Amperity launches Profile Accelerator to improve customer understanding for enterprises

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Seattle-headquartered Empire, a customer data platform (CDP) provider for leading brands, today announced the launch of Profile Accelerator, a dedicated solution to help enterprises access more complete and easy-to-use customer datasets.

Marketing clouds have become a go-to solution for companies looking to optimize their customer relationships and marketing campaigns. Demand for platforms such as Salesforce and Oracle has grown significantly. However, even with these tools, organizations can often face the need to make upstream decisions around understanding who the customer is and what they want.

“In a typical marketing cloud implementation, there are a few activities. Cleaning / QA’ing and shaping data -> resolving identities -> formatting data for the marketing cloud -> moving data into the marketing cloud,” Barry Paget, CEO of Empire, told VentureBeat. “Marketing clouds help a bit in that last step but they don’t really have (quick and accurate) solutions for the first three. Even if a company invests time in MDM (Master Data Management) or integrates and cleans its data, it can take years. “

Empire’s profile accelerator

Profile Accelerator solves this challenge by creating an integrated customer profile. The solution ingests data from all enterprise sources without the need for ETL and uses AI-driven identity resolution and data schema technology to create a unified, customer profile. This gives the company exactly what it needs to know about the customer almost immediately (key customer characteristics).

Once created, this customer profile is integrated into the marketing cloud solution used by the company, enabling it to make the most of its existing investment and drive better revenue and customer experiences.

“The Empire Profile Accelerator is the fastest way to inject, clean, reshape, resolve and hydrate data in a sealed and diverse data source in the marketing cloud,” Page said. “We welcome all raw, random data and use our patented AI approach and convert all your data into working schemas for your marketing cloud.”

The solution comes almost a year after Empire’s Series D, which valued the company at over $ 1 billion.

Initial offer

Empire plans to create profile accelerators for leading marketing clouds so that customers taking advantage of the solution have the option to switch to other marketing solutions (if needed in the future). To begin with, the company has launched an offer for Adobe. It combines all of the above capabilities with a pre-configured database compliant with Adobe standards and integrates with ready-to-use customer profile integration, with the convenience of taking advantage of hundreds of other technology integrations of Empire.

“You can go a long way there – by investing in the long process of ETL writing, data cleaning, QA’ing and building your own approach to identity resolution – or you can get there faster. At the end of the long road, you will have a marketing cloud. At the end of the Empire Profile Accelerator approach, you will have a flexible data asset that is infinitely useful and does not lock you into a single marketing solution, “Page added. He also noted that the company plans to launch a similar package for Salesforce in Q2.

In the Comprehensive Consumer Data Platform (CDP) space, players like Emperty Segment, Bloomrich, Salesmanago, Teleum, Zeotap go against it. According to Markets and Markets Research, the market for such platforms will grow from $ 3.5 billion in 2021 to $ 15.3 billion by 2026, with a CAGR of 34.6%.

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