Anti-aging drugs offer potential new covid treatments, and the crypto crash sparks calls for regulation

Covid-19 is more likely to kill you if you are older. One reason is that the aging immune system struggles to cope with and recover from infections. So why not try rejuvenating drugs? To treat the disease, scientists are now testing drugs that can reverse the effects of aging on the body, revitalize the immune system and cleanse aged, worn-out cells.

Some scientists avoid using the term “anti-aging” because of its snake oil meaning – but these drugs specifically target the biology of aging. It is intuitive to use it to help the elderly body fight any infection. However, covid is currently the most urgent because it still hospitalizes and kills people – even in countries with high levels of immunity.

We need new ways to treat covid. Only a few effective treatments have been found, including antiviral, antibody, and steroid drugs-and this may not work against future variants. Anti-aging drugs can provide the solution. Read the full story.

-Jessica Hemzello

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I used the internet to find out some of the most fun / important / scary / compelling stories about technology today.

1 The crypto meltdown has sent regulators into overdrive
But at this stage it can be too short and too late. (WSJ)
, The MiamiCoin crypto lost 95% of its value after the state mayor endorsed it. (Quartz)
, Crypto scammers also deceive practiced crypto holders(NBC)

2 China is facing another deadly flood season
Climate change is causing heavy rainfall, which is giving cities some time to prepare. (Bloomberg 2)
, Sponge cities work with water, instead of trying to control it. (TR)

3 Elon Musk says Twitter deal has reached a stalemate
He says he will not buy the company unless he can prove that Bates has less than 5% of his account. (FT)
, Musk has no idea how to moderate the Buffalo shooting video(The Verge)

The golden age of 4 startups is over
Investors are becoming more picky, which can cause many companies to bust. (WSJ)
, And it looks like things are only going to get worse. (FT)
, The value of the zoom is now less than that of the pre-epidemic. (Quartz)
, Co-working spaces are working well. (NYT)

5 Covid is getting really good at re-infecting us
Those who have caught the original variant of Omicron are reporting another infection with the new version. (NYT)
, Says North KoreaMore than a million people are sick with “fever.” (BBC)

6 abortion pills will play a major role in the post-Row world
It is unclear how the bullets sent over state lines will be policed. (Wired $)
, Activists are helping Texans get abortion pills online. (TR)

7 virtual reality poker rooms are drawn in children
Experts are concerned that immersive gameplay could make it more addictive. (Bloomberg 2)

8 It is becoming difficult to protect CEOs from online harassment
Security experts with political expertise are advising them on how to minimize threats. (FT)
, Geofencing tech knows where we were, But its use in police investigations is not easy. (Slate 2)

9 Many TikTok users are claiming that they have synesthesia
But many cinesthes find it difficult to convince others that they have it in the first place. (Wired $)

Meet the men who pretend to be 10 only fans of women
Creating an online following is a full time job, and marketing agencies are happy to help. (NYT)

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