Apple unveils M2 processor and new MacBook Air

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Apple today unveiled its new M2 processor and MacBook Air with 18% faster CPU performance and 35% faster GPU performance.

The new arm-based processor has 20 billion transistors, or 20% more than the previous M1 processor. It has a memory controller with 100 GB / S, or 50% more than the M1.

It comes with four high-performance cores and four functionality cores. It has 18% better performance than M1. It also has 1.9 times more performance than a 10-core “PC laptop chip” using a quarter of power.

Unlike a 12-core PC laptop chip, it has 87% performance when using a quarter of power. It also has a new GPU and Neural engine with 35% higher performance than the M1 which is 40% better per second than the M1. It has a new media engine for 8K H.264 video and can process multiple 8K and 4K video streams.

MacBook Air

New MacBook Air

The new MacBook Air is 11.3 millimeters or less than half an inch thick. It has MagSafe charging and has a few Thunderbolt ports. It has a liquid retina display with a 13.6 inch diagonal. It has 500 NITS, or 25% brighter than before.

The camera has a 1080p camera with twice the resolution and less light capture than the previous model. The speakers and mix are integrated inside the keyboard and display. It has a four-speaker sound system and support for Dolby Atmos space audio.

Performance characteristics of M2.

And it has a Force Touch trackpad. Photoshop image filters run 20% faster than before. Final Cut Pro can run 38% faster. It has a quiet and fanless design and has 18 hours of video playback battery life.

The M2 is also coming on a 13-inch MacBook Pro laptop for $ 1,300.

Apple announced the news today at its online Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) event.

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