Apply to join Transform’s Annual Tech Showcase

VentureBeat’s annual tech showcase Transform 2022 returns, hosted face-to-face on July 19 and virtually hosted July 20-22 and July 26-28.

VentureBeat will select 5 companies to present the latest and best AI and data products during the days of the virtual event.

We are looking for companies that have created great products and solutions using Bleeding-Edge technology to help businesses achieve real and tangible results using AI and data. Whether you’re a stealth startup or a Fortune 500, or anywhere in between, we welcome your submission.

If you have a story to tell, and an AI or data product / solution with tangible business results and demonstrative use cases, please submit your application before 5pm PST on Wednesday, June 22, 2022.

Selected companies will perform in front of thousands of industry decision makers on the virtual stage of Transform and will be featured in our on-demand video-hub after the event.

Participants from around the world will join online to hear from top industry experts on AI / ML automation technology, data, analytics, intelligent automation, interactive AI, Intelligent AI Assistants, AI at the Edge, IoT’s key application strategies and technology. And computer vision.

Executives from all industries are invited to join Transform 2022, so register today to join VentureBit for 7-Day AI and Data.

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