Are You Better Off Financially Than You Were Five or 10 Years Ago? We Want to Hear About It.

The economic report is full of darkness, injustice and predictions. Gas prices have skyrocketed. After 40 years of sleep, inflation has returned. It is impossible for many tenants to become homeowners. Service personnel faced risks during the covid that they were not adequately compensated while the top 1 per cent were given ample rewards.

All true. But for many middle-class Americans, the last 10 years have been unusually good.

We are not talking about people who have invested in Bitcoin, worked for a very successful start-up, or staked on shares of Tesla or Apple on the farm. This is a more modest but broad-based success: homeowners are seeing an increase in the price of their homes. In a tight labor market, workers are finding better paying jobs. The value of the retirement account has risen due to the rising stock market.

The New York Times is reporting a story about people who think they are doing well financially, even if they are worried about what will happen tomorrow. If you are in this group – although you can define “doing good” in your personal situation – we want to hear how it has affected your life.

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