Asperitas and Villa-Tech partner on network digital twin

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Cloud consultancy Asperitas and SDN vendor Villa-Tech have partnered to create a network digital twin for large and medium-sized enterprises. The fully managed service, now available, reduces the company’s risk and speeds up its transformation by creating a virtualized clone of the on-premises network and a platform to simulate and implement changes.

The companies have partnered since 2017, and set up, deployed and operated a network for numerous Fortune 1000 companies. The new service will provide the enterprise with a holistic view of their existing infrastructure with guidance on the impact of different choices and strategies.

This is part of a larger trend around the use of digital twins to simulate different aspects of the network, such as Nvidia’s efforts to simulate data centers; Digital twin sims and efforts to emulate different aspects of Ericsson’s 5G network; And scalable networks technologies work to model power grid networks.

A new look on the network

Scott Wheeler, managing partner and practice lead at Asperitas, told VentureBeat, “A network digital twin is a fully fledged replica of the organization’s on-premises network,” said Scott Wheeler, managing partner and practice lead at Asperitas, Weinberger.

As it is a working live mirror copy of the production environment, changes in the environment can be implemented and tested without affecting the existing production environment. It includes replicas of all production network hardware and software with simulations that allow the digital twin to measure virtually any use case or test requirements.

As part of the new offer, Asperitas and Villa-Tech will replicate the organization’s on-premises network infrastructure and virtualize each component, allowing organizations to test their network in a real-world setting. Companies can create multiple twins to support different use cases or use cases such as testing different networking scenarios, testing performance effects and identifying security vulnerabilities. Companies will also be able to use the network digital twin to evaluate their own private infrastructure, onramps on the cloud and connectivity with third-party services and SaaS apps.

“The value lies in the ability for customers to develop, modify and update at a much faster pace when they know exactly how their product behaves on a network implementation,” Wheeler said. “Therefore, risks are eliminated before network deployment, and post-implementation issues are greatly reduced if not eliminated.”

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