Barack Obama’s New Role: Fighting Disinformation

Republicans, for their part, accuse companies of suppressing free speech by censoring conservative voices – most notably, former President Donald J. Trump, who was banned from Facebook and Twitter after the riots on Capitol Hill in January. Last year 6. With so little agreement about the problem, so little about the solution.

What Mr. It remains to be seen whether Obama’s advocacy can influence the debate. While he has not tried to uphold a single solution or specific part of the law, he hopes to appeal to the political spectrum for common ground.

“You have to think about how things will be consumed by different biased filtering, but still make your true, authentic, best case about how you see the world and what the stakes are and why,” said Jason Goldman, a former Twitter user. , Blogger and medium executive who named Mr. White as the White House’s first Chief Digital Officer. Obama and continue to advise them.

“There’s a good reason to believe that a good way out of the mess we’re in exists,” he added.

Inspired by the dangers of misinformation, Mr. Obama can be an imperfect messenger. He was the first presidential candidate to use the power of social media in 2008 but has not intervened since then as president, when his dark side – propaganda of lies, extremism, racism and violence – became apparent at home and abroad.

“I saw it kind of unfolding – and that’s the degree to which information, inaccurate information, misinformation was being used as a weapon,” he said. Obama expressed regret in Chicago. He added, “I think I underestimate the degree to which democracies were as sensitive to him as they were, including us.”

Mr. People close to Obama, he said, were “determined” by the misinformation. He called on Russian President Vladimir Putin to contest the 2016 election against Hillary Rodham Clinton. He judged, like many others, whether he had done enough to counter the information campaign ordered by Putin.

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