Beamdog unveils MythForce fantasy game for early access on April 20

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Beamdog said its roguelight adventure game MythForce will debut on April 20 on early access at the Epic Games Store.

The original game, based in Edmonton, Canada, is titled Swords and Witchcraft, inspired by 1980s cartoons. Aspyr Media will publish $ 30 titles on Windows PC.

I got a brief preview of the game during the demo at the latest Game Developers Conference. I played co-op mode with three other MythForce employees who, of course, worked hard to get the enemies out of the level so I didn’t have to do much. Players can also dare the dungeon alone. We killed a number of skeleton soldiers in our fight at an early stage. The art style reminded me a bit of the dragon’s hoof.

The initial access launch includes four playable heroes for MythForce Episode 1: Bastion of the Beastlord. Playing legendary weapons and powerful magic, the heroes of MythForce face a series of increasingly difficult challenges as they explore the ruins full of cartoon enemies.

Early levels of beamdogs show skeletons as your enemies.

Heroes level-up as they explore the dungeon, unlocking various benefits for each playthrough as well as special rank upgrades leading up to new seasons. Processively generated maps with randomized encounters and loot keep every playthrough fresh. In true Rogulite fashion, whenever players are defeated they have to start from scratch, but each playthrough makes them a little stronger.

MythForce is currently available to add to the wishlist from the Epic Games Store, and Episode 1: Beston of the Beastlord can be played on April 20, 2022. Beamdog will release additional episodes and updates during the initial access, including input from members of the Early Access community. .

“MythForce is a feel-good game that talks to our child. In Early Access, we want to collaborate with players who are excited about MythForce for our healthy, 80s vision and build the best game possible. Community will be the key to getting us to 1.0, ”Oster said.

BioWare cofounder, founded in 2009 by Trent Oster, is known for bringing favorite dungeons and dragon role-playing classics such as Beamdog, Baldur Gate and Planescape: Reviving Torment on modern platforms. The cartoon Rogulite, MythForce, is the first of many original titles hoping to launch Beamdog. I played it on the keyboard and with the Q, E and R keys focused on the special abilities of my table.

Get your magical keyboard for MythForce.

“He’s a wonderful player co-op, a first-person fantasy, dungeon hack roguelyak,” Trent Oyster, founder of Beamdog, said in an interview with Gamesbeat. “It’s a 1980s cartoon and we were all 1980s kids. We grew up watching Thundercats and the like [Watership Down]We want it to be a love letter of that era. “

The four main characters are Maj, Knight, Hunter / Archer and Rogue. Their abilities complement each other. I did a quick tutorial and dove it right away.

“I’m excited to finally show our team’s original work,” Oster said. “MythForce is pure, unadulterated fun – from the Saturday morning of my childhood. With a simple yet satisfying game loop, it’s a big departure from the RPG classics we’re known for, but Beamdog DNA is clear if you know where to look. ”

The controls were simple, inspired by Minecraft and Fortnite.

He looks like a confident enemy boss.

“As a roguelique, we want it to challenge the players,” Oster said. “We expect players to fail more than they succeed. But through repetitive playthrough, they will have the potential to become more powerful through our metagame systems. “

You can, for example, gain special abilities over time and even better statistics. The game will have an in-game store with cosmetics that you can buy.

The company expects to hold its constructive vision, but it will also hear feedback from early access players, Oster said.

“We are very open to being guided by solid feedback. We’re big fans of a lot of early access titles like Subnotica and we love how those games got their footsteps with fans, “Oster said.

The game is being built on an unrealistic engine. Animation takes place against the backdrop of beautiful backgrounds.
The team has about 50 people, and plans to update content regularly during early access.

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