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Did you miss a session from the latest GamesBeat event? Go to GamesBeat and Facebook Gaming Summit and GamesBeat Summit: Metaverse 2 On Demand Page here. announced today that it is partnering with Cloud9, the sports organization. The cryptocurrency platform Cloud9 will provide financial literacy opportunities to the audience.

Cloud9, which features 16 teams in 12 games, will display the logo on its jersey and receive a portion of the deal in crypto. plans to educate Cloud9 users about cryptocurrency through its upcoming programs CEO Peter Smith said in a statement: “As NFTs and digital assets begin to merge with gaming, VR and AR, we believe that Esports will be at the forefront of technology. By sponsoring Cloud9, we are venturing together towards a better, global, distributed future and could not be more excited to partner with their community and organization. “

Cloud9 jersey with logo.

Cloud9 CEO Jack Etienne told GamesBeat that there is a “good connection” between the two organizations. “There are people in our population who are interested in crypto and work with blockchain. There is already a huge natural alignment. Sportspaces are often very curious about the crypto world, but do not have much understanding of how crypto fits into their lives. Much of what we’re going to focus on is teaching our fans how they fit into the crypto world and why it’s important to them. “


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When asked what motivated the partnership, Smith also told Gamesbeat that the two organizations share a common audience. “There is a huge overlap between those who care about gaming and those who care about crypto. And it’s an interesting intersection because it’s about life in the digital world.

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