BrainChip partners with Edge Impulse for a platform that mimics the brain

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BrainChip and Edge Impulse have announced a partnership to distribute next-generation platforms for machine learning. Companies aim to make brainchip neuromorphic technology a mainstream spike neural network.

The two companies will combine their technologies to realize a rapid growth cycle, improve time for the market and gain a competitive advantage. This should ultimately encourage the adoption of neuromorphic computing, which, so to speak, mimics the brain.

Brainchip, the world’s first commercial maker of neuromorphic IP, will contribute to its ultra-low power Akida Neuromorphic Edge AI processor architecture. Edge Impulse is a leading company for Edge AI development that delivers platforms, tools and services for sensor, audio and vision applications.

Edge is addressing the goal of Impulse and Branchip developers to build smart devices by implementing AI / ML capabilities in their products. “By integrating BrainChip’s neuromorphic IP deployments with our ML platform, developers and enterprise customers are empowered to quickly and efficiently create advanced machine learning solutions so that they are well positioned as leaders in their respective markets,” said Zack Shelby. Co-founder and chief executive of Edge Impulse.

The partnership combines Brainchip’s unique IP with Edge Impulse’s design platform into one solution. “We continue to explore partnerships that will advance opportunities to enable a wide range of Edge AI capabilities, such as continuous learning and real-time prediction. Edge Impulse is a complete addition to our ecosystem of providers enabling next-generation technology in markets around the world, “said Jerome Nadel, BrainChip’s Chief Marketing Officer.

Neuromorphic computing works like a brain based on asynchronous spiking neural networks. This architecture supports on-chip learning and learning based on little training data. It has been shown to provide major improvements in performance and power in select applications. Although the technology has been researched by various organizations, it was commercialized by BrainChip in January of this year. In April, BrainChip also announced a partnership with SiFive.

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