CardinalOps raises $17.5M for AI threat detection solution

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Today, AI threat search provider CardinalOops announced that it has raised 17.5 million as part of a Series A funding round led by Viola Ventures to expand its go-to market and product innovation.

The company’s solution provides the enterprise with a cloud-based AI platform that automatically generates best practice recommendations in the original query language of tools such as Splink, Sentinel, IBM QRadar and Crowdstrike and maps to the new MITER ATT & CK framework.

In other words, CardinalOps aims to protect enterprise and decision makers from increasingly sophisticated threats to analysts and how to measure and enhance their defenses.

Working smarter, not harder

Over the years, the complexity of cyber threats and enterprise security solutions has grown to the point where even the most productive human SOC teams cannot continue.

Research shows that today, more than 80% of security professionals consider the complexity of their SOCs to be very high, and 70% of SOC teams admit that they are emotionally affected by the amount of security warnings.

The reality is that most security teams do not have enough hours to handle alerts and manual admins who can quickly detect threats.

“The security industry is increasingly building tools to help organizations protect themselves, but the problem is that the complexity is growing rapidly,” said Michael Mumkuoglu, CEO and co-founder of CardinalOps.

“Implementing all those 50-60-70-80 different security tools has become so difficult that the biggest gap and the weakest link they already have is their ability to run all the tools as well as the ever-evolving rival technologies and business. Continues. Requirements, such as cloud transformation and remote work. ”

“I have repeatedly heard their frustrations from CISOs and learned that we have to address this issue, as it leads to huge gaps in under-utilized equipment and threat coverage which in turn exposes their organizations,” Mumkuoglu said.

CardinalOps seeks to address complexity challenges by enabling security teams to work smarter than hard, providing information on how to scale their defenses to provide maximum risk coverage to security analysts using AI Can catch. Admin

This approach also affects the impact of cost-effectiveness enhancement by helping security operations teams make better use of existing SIEM / IDR investments.

Becoming a global leader in threat coverage optimization

CardinalOps aims to become a global leader in the cybersecurity industry, so the security tools it aims to enhance are also in a state of growth. The SIEM tools market is projected to grow from $ 4.21 billion in 2021 to $ 6.62 billion by 2028, and the market for intrusion detection and prevention systems is projected to grow from $ 4.8 billion in 2020 to $ 6.2 billion by 2025.

However, CardinalOps is not the only vendor that develops solutions to increase the risk coverage of security operations teams.

For example, cybersecurity provider Hunters Enterprise offers security operations platforms that can inject operation data from security tools across the environment and automate risk investigations.

This approach has been successful enough to raise $ 68 million in Series C funding last year, up to 8 118 million in total funding.

The provider is also indirectly competing with other AI-powered tools that automate risk detection, such as Vectra, with an AI that can predeterminate threats and streamline event investigations to raise organization data, which raised $ 130 million. And achieved a 1.2 billion valuation last year.

However, Mumkuoglu believes that the automation of the solution sets it apart from the crowd. “We are constantly improving our customers’ readiness to protect themselves from further attacks. We automate the end-to-end process – for example, we don’t recognize vacancies (and create more work for teams already small and understaffed); We also automatically fix production gaps, “he said.

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