China is sticking to its zero-covid plan in Shanghai and Beijing, and how Ukraine is rebuilding its cities destroyed by Russian soldiers

China is sticking to its zero-coward lockdown policy

Shanghai and Beijing, China’s two largest cities, are tightening covid restrictions on residents as part of the country’s continued commitment to its zero-covid strategy, despite growing public outrage.

Despite no formal announcement in Shanghai, some residents in at least four of the city’s 16 districts were given notice not to leave their homes or receive weekend deliveries, while shops, including grocery stores, closed their doors to customers, Reuters reports.

Despite the drop in the number of cases for the tenth day in a row in Shanghai, the measures are part of China’s strict adherence to zero-covid. Authorities are concerned to avoid a new spike after weeks of terrible lockdowns that have left many homebound residents struggling to secure food delivery slots. Growing frustration with the brutal quarantine rules led people to block government censorship for night protests, clashes with police and the sharing of WeChat videos showing human toll of lockdowns in the city.

Now the cases are declining in Shanghai, the Chinese government is not taking any chances in Beijing, the gym is closing the bus route and stopping to eat in restaurants. Cases are on the rise, though modestly compared to the same point of the Shanghai outbreak, 49 new locally infected cases were reported on Sunday. That brings the total number of infections in the city to more than 760 since April 22, Reuters reports. Daily testing for the virus, another measure adopted from Shanghai, is considered the city’s best defense line to prevent mass outbreaks.

China’s rigid zero-coward strategy is increasingly global, as many other countries simplify or abandon sanctions policies. It is also hurting China’s economy, with export growth slowing sharply in April due to the lockdown, the FT reports.

– Ryanon Williams

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