China just reported its biggest one-day covid case increase yet

What’s happening elsewhere: Europe, meanwhile, seems to be entering another boom, with cases rising across the continent. In the UK, cases are increasing by almost 50% on a weekly basis and, alarmingly, hospital admissions have increased by 17%. The combination of loose restraints, declining immunity and BA.2, the more transmissible omikron sub-variant, is thought to be behind the increase in cases.

Must read

I used the internet to find out some of the most fun / important / scary / compelling stories about technology today.

1 Clearview says Ukraine is using its facial recognition AI to identify Russian soldiers
But is it relevant enough? (Reuters)
+ Kiev is under increasing fire. ,AP ,
+ Cheap drones make major dent in Russian air strikes. (NBC)
+ The head of the UN says there is a possibility of a nuclear conflict. (Axes)
+ Maps that track invasion. (NYT)
+ War threatens hundreds of clinical trials in Ukraine(Wired $)

2 NASA’s spacewalk is moving forward today despite international tensions
Space-based cooperation between the US and Russia is still ongoing. (WP)
Russia says it will not release American astronauts trapped in space. (The Verge)

3 Pfizer says we need a fourth covid shot
Given that less than half of all fully vaccinated people in the U.S. have received a third dose, this seems ambitious. (Ars Technica)

4 Will planting help or harm the planet?
It largely depends on how it is done. (NYT)
+ UN Climate Report highlights the dangers of natural solutions(TR)

5 Being influential in Russia is becoming very difficult
They are seeing that the entire livelihood disappears overnight due to the ban on the platform. (The Guardian)
Russia has kept its promise to ban Instagram, which had 80 million users. ,Edge)
+ Far-right Russian propaganda is gaining momentum in the US. (NBC)
+ Facebook says users cannot call for Putin’s death (but Russian troops are a fair game.) (CNBC)
+ The website allows people to email Russians to tell the truth about the war(WSJ)
+ Russian TV station employee interrupted live broadcast with protests(The Guardian)

6 Crypto miners have to flee from Kazakhstan only a few months after their arrival
It seemed like a safe haven after the Chinese embargo. Now the blackout and government pressure are pushing them out. (Rest of the world)

7 TikTok is becoming philosophical
And professors of philosophy are not entirely sure how to respond. (Slate 2)

8 TV is still very much admired by the tech founders
New shows about Uber, Theranos and WeWork are drawing their fists. (Vox)
+ It would be nice if they could focus more on the people affected by their dramatic rise. (Wired $)
+ Tech companies have been rebranding recently. Don’t buy it. (WSJ)

9 Astronomers keep finding black holes in unexpected places
Dwarf galaxies were not thought to be capable of handling objects of this size and mass. (Quanta)

10 Why we are all going to goblin mode
We’ve had two years of epidemics, and now we’ve embraced the joys of waste. (The Guardian)

“I think there are a lot of honest people in the world, and some of them are on Tinder.”

Anastasia Tischenko, a 31-year-old woman fleeing Ukraine, tells the New York Times that she and her friend used Tinder to find temporary accommodation in Romania.

We can still have good things

A place for relaxation, pleasure and distraction in these strange times. (Any ideas? Drop me a line or tweet me.)

+ (Very!) High tea.
+ It seems that these giant tortoises have been wrongly labeled for a long time.
+ Pixar’s new movie, Turning Red.
+ New York Times music critics talk about the songs they turn to when times are tough.
+ Is Scotch Malt Whiskey Really That Important Where It’s Made?
+ This question on Reddit about how to translate board games for Ukrainian refugees has given me some hope for humanity today.

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