Chinese police rap Walmart for cybersecurity loopholes

Walmart icons are displayed inside a Walmart store in Mexico City
Walmart icons display inside a Walmart store on March 28, 2019 in Mexico City, Mexico. REUTERS / Edgard Garrido / File photo

Chinese authorities have reprimanded Walmart for alleged violations of cyber security laws, according to local media.

Police in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen discovered 19 “vulnerabilities” in Walmart’s network system (WMT.N) in late November and accused them of taking too long to address the shortcomings of China Quality News, backed by the country’s market regulator, reports Wednesday. Was. .

Walmart was ordered to fix, the report said, without mentioning the details of the fines or vulnerabilities.
Retail giant and Shenzhen police did not immediately respond to requests for comment Friday.

This marks a new set of difficulties for Walmart in China, which in the past month has faced criticism from the local media for deliberately removing products from Xinjiang from its apps and stores.

Xinjiang is a growing point of contention between Western governments and China, as UN experts and rights groups estimate that more than a million people, mainly Uighurs and members of other Muslim minorities, are being held in camps there.

China has denied allegations of forced labor or any other form of abuse in the Far West.
Walmart has seen a wave of cancellations of its Sam Club branch in China following the Xinjiang crisis.

The Chinese Transplant Agency also accused the retailer and SAMS Club of “stupidity and myopia”.
Although Walmart did not comment publicly on the matter, Reuters reported that an executive at the Sam’s Club told analysts during a phone call that it was a “misunderstanding” and that there was no one involved. The city market regulator imposed a fine of 10,000 yuan ($ 1,568) for intentionally withdrawing products from Xinjiang after it was discovered that the frozen plant product did not have a production date or expiration date, according to a separate local report. Media

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