Codefresh hopes to deploy and scale apps with enterprise Argo platform

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Codefresh has unveiled its flagship Argo-powered CodeFresh Software Delivery Platform (CSDP), a California-based software delivery platform for Mountain View, cloud-native applications. In a press release, the company claims that CSDP opens up the true value of true Devops potential and ergo by providing multi-cluster scalability and enterprise reliability with cloud-to-edge, unparalleled ease of use.

Following CodeFresh’s 27 million funding in 2020, the company listed “investing in open source” as a way to invest that capital. The announcement demonstrates how CodeFresh has progressed with that plan, as the solution brings the full open source Argo toolset (workflow, events, CDs and rollouts) into a single platform for enhanced functionality and visibility of large-scale software deployments.

Raziel Tabob, co-founder and CEO of Codefresh, noted in a press release that enterprise-class tooling for Argo – built on Gitops best practice – enables fast software delivery and easy, scalable develops automation. Tabob said this is crucial to the business success of the company’s customers, as it gives them a clear competitive edge in the market. He added that CSDP allows Codefresh customers to innovate faster and use the software more frequently, reliably and reliably.

Features of CSDP

Codefresh claims that CSDP takes Gitops one step further by providing detailed deployment insights and analytics across environments and deployments – all through a central UI. Advanced deployments like Canary and Blue-Green will ensure that your software delivery process is not a barrier to innovation, a company spokesperson said.

Some of the benefits of CSDP include:

  • Pipeline Speed ​​Optimization is built-in for significantly faster Argo workflow.
  • Fully detectable image deployment.
  • Pod-level executable measures for flexible resource allocation.
  • Centrally powered versioning for quick and easy audit of software delivery processes.

To ensure security, CodeFresh says it implements strict security rules throughout CSDP – by optimizing it to complement the Consumer Protection and Performance (SACOPS) protocol. It also directs all communications to / from clusters via secure firewall connections without the need for ad hoc security permissions. In addition, the company says that for improved role-based access controls, the security of CSDP is strengthened by automatically installing single sign-on (SSO) in the provision instances.

CSDP use cases

CodeFresh claims that CSDP integrates with all the tools you’re already using – whether it’s a resource control manager, a test suite, a package manager, a secret manager, a security scanner, a cloud platform or a custom Have internal equipment.

A San Francisco-based 3D technology company that converts home smartphone photos into fully scalable, customizable 3D models – Ethan Framan, a staff systems engineer at HOVER, said Codefresh has made HOVER a cumbersome, intuitive home with a simple and intuitive solution. Has enabled orchestration to change approaches. Which speeds up software delivery.

“CodeFresh enables us to achieve quick and easy integration with standard configurations of Argo CDs and Argo rollouts, ensuring seamless deployment with key benefits such as progressive publishing and automated rollback,” said Renato Stoco, chief engineer of Pismo. . Backend processing platform for banking and payments.

“The CodeFresh software delivery platform, powered by Argo, gives us end-to-end visibility in the workflow from the Central UI, with secure, secure and reliable deployments using a consistent GitOps-based approach,” Stoco added.

You can access CSPD here and find out more about what the company describes as “support for packaged, managed, enterprise-class solutions and multi-cluster deployments”.

CodeFresh customers include companies such as GoodRx, Skillshare,, TBS and financial services companies. Codefresh CloudBees has strong competition in CI, Copado Core, CircleCI, Plesk and Flosum.

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