Cohesity delivers a SaaS data isolation and recovery solution

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Cohesity, a data management provider, today announced the general availability of Cohesity Fortnox – a software-as-a-service (SaaS) data isolation and recovery solution. This adds to the company’s data management-as-a-service (DMaaS) portfolio that runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Cohesity complements the Fortnox company’s threat defense data security architecture.

Malicious cyber activity has increased dramatically in recent years. This puts all organizations, especially in NATO countries, at risk of politically motivated cyber attacks. Sophisticated malware deployed in the war in Ukraine is an example. CIOs and CISOs around the world are facing the ever-increasing threat of cyber assault such as ransomware, which could shut down an organization’s commercial activities and compromise data integrity.

Data security in 3, 2, 1

As a result, it is important for businesses to strengthen their cyber resilience and protect sensitive data from cyber threats. Cohesity provides a modern decision on the 3-2-1 rule for data protection, stating that businesses should keep three copies of their data in two places, one of which should be separate.

Cohesity Dataprotect offers customers the ability to quickly recover from ransomware attacks using operational copy. The company’s SiteContinuity offer offers the ability to copy and failover / failback data between two locations. With the new FortNox, Kohesity now has the ability to create cloud-based isolated duplicates of organization data.

According to Adrian de Luca, Director of Solution Architecture, a global partner at Strategic Development at AWS, enterprise data security is a high priority, but the complexity and pervasiveness of cyber security attacks makes data security not only more complex, but also more challenging.

“With Cohesity Fortnox, customers are able to use AWS’s scalability, security and accessibility with Cohesity’s next-generation data management that can help protect their data from ransomware and other cyber security threats,” de Luca said.

Eliminate mass data fragmentation

Cohesity’s founder, CEO Mohit Aron, founded Cohesity in 2013 to deal with more challenges in the ever-changing world of data management. By employing more than 1,900 people worldwide, the company facilitates data administration by facilitating data protection, operation, and value extraction in data centers, edges, and the cloud.

Businesses’ data is being targeted by more advanced bad artists than ever before. In fact, according to the Enterprise Strategy Group’s The Long Road Ahead to Ransomware Preparedness Survey, 79% of those who experienced ransomware attacks in the past year and 86% of those who paid ransom did not get all their data back.

Cohesity’s FortKnox makes it easy for organizations to create a third copy of their valuable and sensitive backup data, segregate it into virtual air gaps, and retrieve it safely in the event of a disaster.

Through Kohesity’s Helios platform, it employs AI-powered inconsistency detection, which helps detect potential signs of an emerging ransomware attack, allowing providers to take the necessary steps to reduce the spread and impact. In the event of a ransomware attack, Fortnox detects a clean copy of the data and restores it to the location of choice – on-premises or in the cloud.

To counter the threat of ransomware and state-sponsored attacks, the CISA and the FBI have recently issued new recommendations that strongly advise enterprises to offer physically separate data. FortKnox protects data through separate cohesive-managed keys (not accessible to rogue administrators) and operational isolation achieved through separate workflows for read and write operations. It employs strict access restrictions, such as granular, role-based access control, multifactor authentication and in-flight and at-rest encryption.

FortKnox also allows organizations to move costs from CapEx to OpEx, allowing IT directors to devote more time to strategic initiatives rather than infrastructure maintenance and operations. Four of the top 10 Fortune 500 corporations, five of the top 10 U.S. banks, and two of the top five global pharmaceutical companies use Cohesity today.

Cohesity introduced Fortnox as an early access preview at the end of 2021. Consumers are excited about the capabilities and potential of Fortnox that will help them secure their data and enhance their cyber resilience, despite the fact that it is new to the market.

“With cyber attacks increasingly becoming more frequent and destructive, Cohesity Fortnox is adding a new level of security to our most essential data,” said Olivier Powells, CTO at early-access customer BRGM.

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