Cryptocurrency Firms Expand Physical Footprint in New York

However, when Okada first offered NFT, it was valued at about 12,000; It’s worth half that now.

When his company seeks tenants for the building, it is also putting the property up for sale as an NFT – essentially a ticket to acquire a deed.

The houses are sold this way, but Mr. Okada, which is offering their building at સી 29.5 million, or, 15,105 ether, on Opency, which could use the cryptocurrency to buy NFT, said it believes this is the first time a commercial building in New York has gone that route.

It remains to be seen whether this is a wave of the future or a marketing ploy, insiders say.

Solana, who took a 10-year lease at 141 East Houston, does not intend to fill her new office with desk space for employees – the company does not need an everyday look. Instead, it plans to make space for meetings and boot camps, known as hacker houses.

Solana also plans to occupy the floor at the EmpireDAO, the new Web 3 co-working operation, in 190 Bowery, a six-story former bank, which has landmark status that was longtime home of photographer Jay Mesel. Sola is taking the framework for TeraUSD, a stablecoin that exploded this month.

EmpireDAO is conceived as a kind of creator space for the web3 community. Its management system will be based on cryptocurrency, said Mike Freyeta, founder of EmpireDAO, but its landlord, RFR, needs to pay rent in the old fashioned way.

“Our lenders need US dollars, we pay our mortgages in US dollars, and that means our rents should come in US dollars,” said AJ Kamahi, director of leasing at RFR Realty.

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