Mobile has huge lead on PC and console in consumer spend

Did you miss the GamesBeat Summit 2022 session? All sessions are now available to stream. Now look. has released a new report in partnership with International Data Corporation (IDC) that analyzes the growing fortunes of the gaming market. Mobile gaming, in particular, has been growing steadily for almost a decade, and now has a large lead in its partner markets in the PC and console space.

This does not mean that any part of the gaming market is doing badly. In fact, the entire industry is poised to reach $ 222 billion this year. also says that when more PS5s and Xbox series consoles become available throughout the year, it expects sales growth on the console. But meteorites are on the rise, especially in mobile gaming.

Lexi Sido, head of Market Insights at, spoke to Gamesbeat in an interview about why she thinks the mobile market is expanding. “I think Kovid was the catalyst, but the trends were in place, so I think it’s just the fact that Kovid has given us a huge reach in the world of gaming. I think there were a lot of people who didn’t really get involved with the mobile game, and probably did for the first time during Kovid. ,, But at the end of the day, we’re seeing this unfold over time.

Who plays mobile games?

In addition to consumer spending, also reports that mobile gaming has a diverse audience compared to its peer markets. For example, 47% of the top games spent by consumers are spent on transgender women (meaning they are more likely to attract female players than male). According to the report, both General Z and Baby Boomer generations are also spending more on mobile games.

Sydow also told GameBeat that the growing power of mobile devices is another source of their gaming appeal. , And the phone as a machine can now handle it. “

This is born of the report, which notes, “Console and mobile experience are also merging; Mobile devices are now able to provide console-like graphics and gameplay experiences with cross-platform competitive and social gaming features.

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