Dave Clark, Amazon’s CEO of Consumer Business, Steps Down

Dave Clark, chief executive of Amazon’s consumer business, who was the architect of its vast warehouse operations, announced on Friday that he would leave the company after 23 years. He did not say what he would do next, and the company did not immediately name a successor.

“It’s time for me to rebuild,” he said Said In a note on Twitter. His last day is July 1.

Andy JC, Amazon’s chief executive, said in an email to the company’s leadership that he expects to receive updates on succession plans “in the next few weeks.”

“The last few years have been one of the most challenging and unpredictable in the history of Amazon’s consumer business,” he said. Jesse said, “And I especially appreciate Dave’s leadership during that time.”

Mr. Clark stepped into Amazon’s operations to oversee one of the largest capital investments in corporate history, as the company progressed to develop its own infrastructure for delivering and delivering orders by air, truck and van. Under his watch, the company’s workforce grew to more than 1.6 million.

At the same time, model Mr. Built Clark has faced increasing pressure. Policymakers and employees have questioned the company’s employment model, which offers an average minimum wage of more than $ 18 per hour but depends on the influx of cyclists inside and outside the company. Workers on Staten Island voted to form a union this year, the company contesting the election.

The company’s recent financial results show that Amazon has expanded, having more warehouse and labor capacity than consumer demand as the epidemic in e-commerce has fueled fuel. Company executives said they wanted to rebalance its costs.

Mr. JCA said in a statement at the time.

Mr. Clark was an aggressive defender of Amazon. Inside Tweet Since his dismissal, last year he angered Vermont Independent Senator Bernie Sanders, who has been supporting workers trying to form a union. Mr. Clarke wrote. In another deleted tweet, he wrote that Mr. Sanders “should preserve his finger-playing lecture until it actually delivers in his own backyard.”

Amazon’s top rankings have undergone the biggest changes in its history in the last two years. Mr. Clark was promoted to run a consumer business when longtime executive Jeff Wilk retired. Then Amazon founder Jeff Bezos resigned as chief executive last year and Mr. Jassi instead.

Under Shri. Bezos, Mr. Clark had considerable autonomy to create Amazon operations. Mr. Jesse, who created and operated Amazon’s cloud computing operations before entering the role of chief executive, is digging into parts of the company that were not previously under his direct control. He vowed to address employees’ concerns in a systematic way.

Last fall, Mr. Clark moved from Seattle, where Amazon is headquartered, to Dallas, where the company does not have a large corporate presence, which some in the organization saw as a sign that their time with the company was coming to an end.

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