Dead Space devs push remake release target out of 2022

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Electronic Arts is now internally aiming to release in early 2023 for its next Dead Space remake. The company was originally considering an October 2022 deadline, but never announced it publicly. Now, the company is taking extra time to make sure it gives fans enough time to wow when it returns to the game.

Dead Space is a sci-fi horror survival game that was once the crown jewel of EA’s properties. But in the last decade, publishers have moved away from single-player action adventures. Instead, it seeks success with live-service games that can support microtransaction. That strategy also came on Dead Space 3, featuring a lot of in-game purchases that many players noticed.

EA and developer Motiv are planning a Dead Space related development update for tomorrow. The game continues to impress people internally, and the goal is to create a Dead Space remake that matches the quality of Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 remake. It’s a process that will take time, and the company knows it.

If Dead Space is a successful return, it should pave the way for a new sequel. It could also assure EA that it could do more in the single-player space with its ongoing live-service success like Apex Legends.

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