Dell adds cyber recovery (and more) to APEX storage cloud platform

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Dell Technologies launches its APEX storage cloud platform Real Ground zero for all cloud app development, where a large portion of enterprise IT creation is advancing in 2022 and beyond.

The company, based in Black Rock, Texas, today unveiled a flotilla of new capabilities for the APEX development package – the most important of which is an improved cyber retrieval function – at the company’s first largely-individual conference after the epidemic in spring 2020 at Dale Tech World in Las Vegas. Has met a large requirement in the package.

When you think you’ve seen every “a-a-service” idea that can be imagined, APEX offers a cloud service that amounts to “portfolio-a-service”. Its versatility is why Dell believes that users can funnel any type of cloud application or infrastructure development they need into its catch-all APEX backstop.

Is promoting the portfolio with the introduction of Dell Dell Apex Cyber ​​Recovery ServicesThis is the first in a series of new APEX full-stack solutions that provide a complete recovery of the company’s data from a cyber attack, Dell Apex chief Pete Maneka told VentureBeat.

Dell manages Cyber ​​Recovery

In this paradigm shift, Dell manages day-to-day cyber recovery vault operations and assists in data recovery. Dell offers expertise from certified configurations, Dell-assisted recovery options and nearly 2,000 isolated vault solutions globally deployed, the standard said.

“We are already out with our GA APEX product on our storage services and our compute services, a combination of our two cloud services APEX Private Cloud and APEX Hybrid Cloud,” said Manaka. “VMware runs our fully managed service. We also have a full set of customized offers, so customers who specifically want to subscribe to products or services can do so through our Flex-On-Demand program.

“You will now see that we have (APEX) basics and what is going on is that we will add data security and some other features. What we’re going to see now is to move more stacks towards solutions.

Chuck Whitten, co-chief operating officer of Dell Technologies, told the media that users want to help reduce complexity and are looking for solutions that use a common approach to managing data wherever it is – from the public cloud to data. As of Center, Consultant “We are building a portfolio of software and services that facilitate on-premises and multi-cloud environments and offers,” Whitten said.

Dell offers cyber recovery on-premises in the public cloud

According to the recent GartnerAccording to the report, global information security and risk management end-user spending will reach approximately $ 168 billion in 2022, up from 21 13 billion in 2021. As cybersecurity becomes more of a priority, Dell is offering cyber retrieval offerings and new options to the public. Cloud Cyber ​​Recovery Solutions for Multi-Cloud Environment.

Dale also announced a set of cloud-specific functions for both Microsoft Azure and AWS. Dell PowerProtect Cyber ​​Recovery for Microsoft Azure Microsoft will join other Dell offerings available through Azure Marketplace and allow the enterprise to perform the following functions:

  • Use a separate cyber vault in the public cloud to help securely separate and isolate data from ransomware attacks, improve cyber resilience, and reduce the impact of cyber attacks; And
  • Within the data center, provide flexible recovery options in the event of a cyber attack, including recovery in a new Azure private network or in an unaffected Azure environment.

Dell PowerProtect for AWS Cybersense for Cyber ​​Recovery Give developers the ability to do the following:

  • Use adaptive analytics, scan metadata and complete files and implement machine learning and forensic tools to detect, diagnose and speed up data retrieval.
  • Inspect files and databases to determine if a cyber attack has occurred and identify the last known uncorrected copy of the data to speed up more secure and confidential recovery.

Dell collaborates on Snowflake Multi-Cloud Development

Dell and Snowflake will work together to connect data from Dell Enterprise Storage to the Snowflake Data Cloud, Maneka said. Collaboration will obviously give customers more flexibility to work in a multi-cloud environment, meet the needs of data sovereignty and easily turn data into insights wherever it resides, he said.

Dell and Snowflake customers will be able to use on-premises data stored on Dell Object Storage with Snowflake Data Cloud by keeping their data local or copying it seamlessly to the public cloud. The companies will pursue product integration and joint go-to-market efforts in the second half of 2022.

Supreme availability

Dell APEX cyber recovery services are available in the United States today and with widespread availability planned for the end of this year, the company said. Dell PowerProtect for Microsoft Azure will be available globally in the second half of Cyber ​​Recovery 2022. Dell PowerProtect for AWS CyberSense for Cyber ​​Recovery will be available globally in the second half of 2022.

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