Discord introduces automod, premium memberships, and more

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Discord, a popular social platform, announced new features and resources for their communities.

Moderating a large community can be difficult. When you have thousands of members, it is often difficult to keep track of what everyone is talking about. That’s where Automode comes in.

AutoMode, a new feature built directly into Discord, will monitor your chats and alert you to problems. When a user writes a message, AutoMode checks for flagged words and phrases before the post goes live. If it detects something, it will flag the message, notify moderators, and block the message. You also have the power to automatically remove the user for a period of time unless a moderator can evaluate the situation.

Now available on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android, automod should make moderation a little easier. If you manage a community server and want to try it out, Automode Server is located in Settings.

Automode alerts

Premium membership

Discord is home to many creative communities… and more. Now it looks like every project, game, movie, birthday party etc. It has its own differences. Here are the new features introduced today to help creators value their communities.

First, Discord has added a new analytics dashboard for creators. This new tool will provide an insight into revenue categorized by dates, membership and more. With this information, you can begin to understand what drives your community.

Second, with the new premium subscription, fans can subscribe to get access to parts or all of your channel. Another benefit for members is that the new pool of Channel Emotions is only available to them. You can also give fans a free trial to check out the benefits of membership before buying.

New resources for communities

Discord has added new educational resources for admins and moderators. Discorded community resources are available to help managers learn how to build communities and keep them healthy and safe. Courses and materials are available for all skill levels.

Finally, admins can join the new community to discuss their server and get help from others. The admin community, run by Discord staff, is a place for leaders to learn, chat and connect. You can join educational events, share resources and listen to the latest updates and news.

For more information on these new features, check out this blog post on Discord.

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