Dynatrace updates software intelligence platform with serverless architecture support

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Massachusetts-based Dynatress, which provides software intelligence platforms to monitor and optimize user experience for application performance, development and security, IT infrastructure and businesses, today announced major product updates.

The company explains that its platform’s extensive observability and advanced AIops capabilities are being extended to all major serverless architectures including Microsoft Azure functions, Google Cloud functions as well as managed Cubernets environments, messaging queues and all major cloud.

This enhancement, usually set to be available within 90 days, will enable enterprise developers and SRE teams to automatically detect, analyze, troubleshoot and optimize cloud applications on a scale, eliminating the need for manual processes and saving more important aspects of teams. Such as accelerating innovation.

“While serverless architectures help organizations accelerate how they create and manage applications, they are also highly dynamic and generate large amounts of data. SRE teams waste time trying to analyze, troubleshoot and optimize this state-of-the-art cloud application, “said Steve Tech, SVP of Product Dynatres.

“By providing complete visibility across dependencies of all application components and enabling teams to automate operations with precise, AI-driven insights, Dinatress allows organizations to adopt innovative fast approaches to innovation while ensuring the best experience for customers,” he added. Previously, the Dynatress platform only offered support for AWS Lambda.

Software intelligence as code

In addition to extending broad observability and advanced AIops capabilities across major serverless architectures, Dynatress will also distribute its software intelligence platform as code.

This will enable developers who are adopting code-as-code practice to easily incorporate software intelligence capabilities into their applications. They can then automate the orchestration of all the resources of the software development lifecycle needed to scale cloud-native applications and infrastructure.

In the software intelligence and observability space, Dynatress goes against multiple vendors, including Datadog, New Relic and Cisco’s Apdynamics. The new Relic, in particular, is going against Dinatress with product updates. Last year, the company added a visualization tool dubbed as New Relic Explorer to make it easier for IT professionals to find the root cause of problems with the app. And, a year ago, it launched a solution to monitor the performance and accuracy of ML models in real-time.

Globally, the IT Monitoring and Observability market is estimated to be a $ 17 billion market annually.

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