Elon Musk Always Tweeted Like He Owned the Place

Mr. Musk’s Twitter, like his money, works in a way that others do not. It only follows 114 accounts, but its tweets usually get thousands of replies, and many more. It opens its Twitter app which is probably the busiest notification tab across the service, representing the millions of words directed at it, mostly About Him

With each thumb stretch, the tab algorithmically fills up from a pool of more new posts that one might expect to read. It’s Twitter that’s too busy and overloaded to look like Twitter because most people know it, every possible notification bubble reads “99+” forever.

Twitter is a place for most users to follow and possibly post. For a small group of users, this is the place to try to collect the following. For someone in Mr. Musk’s position, “Looks like he’s texting the world,” said Jack Updegraf, a celebrity social media manager with experience running large Twitter accounts.

With a large enough audience, Mr. Updegraf said, “It’s like a whole forum under everything you post.” It is an on-demand portal at the heart of Media Galaxy, replacing regular feeds of information with an endless stream of people addressing you by name. For the right kind of person, some things can be more intoxicating (or more debilitating).

The way Mr. Musk has taken advantage of Twitter to measure real-world power with a variety of instruments, and on a different scale than it is capable of accumulating as much power as it wants within the platform. That is what will be most important in the future, for him and for the rest of us. Mr. Musk clearly sees the value of what Twitter does and what he allows it to do, and his desire to protect or expand those qualities can have serious consequences even outside the platform.

Mr. for decoding. Musk’s claims about how Twitter can change, his experience with the platform could be instructive. He uses Twitter to promote his companies – especially Tesla, but also SpaceX, the boring company and others – and constantly attacks his critics and competitors.

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