Elon Musk Is a Typical Twitter User, Except for One Thing

Musk’s acquisition has been more than a little crazy-making on a platform where the main obsession of many users is the site. Twitter’s text box still asks every user “What’s going on?” What is happening, as always, they are watching on Twitter. This simple fact is probably responsible for 99 percent of the rage, which is rarely about outside world events and often about the content of other tweets. Everyone who uses Twitter feels that he or she is being treated unfairly, but he or she cannot stop watching. And a distorted fact about it is that the more power and followers a person gathers, the more risk is pushed forward as an example of what is wrong in the world – nothing more than the winner of the whole game of global capitalism. No wonder Musk thinks it’s still worth unlocking: he loves the site, though his experience with it is probably awful.

And since Musk is the single richest man on the planet, it’s easy for many to believe that the deal is not about wanting to renew and renew “Digital Town Square” but something more disgusting or stupid. Some – including The second richest man on earthJeff Bezos predicts that Tesla’s exposure to the Chinese market will actually make it More Sensitive to censorship owned by Musk. Others are concerned that he now owns the journalists’ DM; Some believe it is hilarious. There are some who fear they are going to bring back former President Donald Trump, another billionaire power user of the platform; Many others find the idea enjoyable. He has expressed a desire to rein in bot accounts, which may seem like a big problem for you when you have 85.4 million followers and tweet about crypto and stock prices and numbers 420 and 69. On Monday, people kept posting his blatant pictures – from his PayPal days, or standing next to Ghislan Maxwell – jokingly saying it would be the last day to get rid of him.

And this is what makes him so upset about his acquisition: the strong understanding that – even at its highest anodine – is an act of vanity, a means of improving the personal experience of a user of Agora. And there is something in it. Musk falls prey to ridiculous despair, an ailment that no amount of money can cure, and perhaps its most relevant quality. His outing on “Saturday Night Live” was painful to watch, even by contemporary “SNL” standards – especially his monologue, which for me was full of beautiful defense mechanisms: an ad that he was the first host. With Asperger’s syndrome; The look of his mother, who hugged him and said he loved her; And the declaration of his vision for the future: “I believe in renewable energy in the future; I believe that humanity should become a multicultural, space culture.

He paused after that part: “It sounds like exciting goals, doesn’t it?” Now I think I would be better off if I posted that on Twitter. But I also write things like ’69 days later 4/20 again haha ​​'”- An actual post Since June 28, 2020, which was actually 69 days after April 20 – “I don’t know, I thought it was funny. That’s why I wrote ‘haha’ at the end. See, I know I sometimes say or post weird things, but my brain works this way. All I want to say to someone who has offended me is this: I invented a new electric car and I’m sending people to Mars in a rocket ship. Do you think that I can be a quiet, normal person? “

Never before has there been such a nice summary of the Twitter user’s mindset: I know you won’t like my jokes, but all you have to understand is that I’m really nice. Capital markets have given Musk plenty of rewards for all of that; Twitter, the home of the guillotine meme, is not – or at least not alike. But because of the former, Musk said any of the latter’s disappointments could potentially reshape something close to Digital Town Square. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

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