From ocean waves to sound waves

While Young still maintains a love for the sea, she has dedicated her professional life to music. Her compositions and audiovisual projects draw from Eastern European folk music, early Renaissance and modern music. In 2019, Carnegie Hall relinquished its portion From whose womb came the ice, Which explores the history of Ernest Shackleton’s Trans-Antarctic Expedition. “For me, it’s interesting to create a wonderful environment in which I can create a better world,” she says.

Next, he will work on a piece for the Boston-based Quartet Hub New Music, which will be set to music recordings of poet Rosie Stockton’s voice. She is also working The glow that illuminates, the glow that obscures For the American Brass Punch. Music is paired with a 50-minute immersive audiovisual installation using wave field synthesis, creating a 3D audio hologram.

Young says that just like water, “art provides a vision of escape or any other space.” “I think it’s really important for our health and psyche to know that you can create other areas.”

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