Game companies raise donations for Ukraine, cut Russian ties

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Games have a way of showing what war is like, and not just from a point of view of pride. The Polish maker of This War of Mine, 11 Beat Studios, has created a simulation title of This War of Mine to show how it is for civilians to survive a war. And now there is the company All profits donated From This War of Mine and on all platforms to support its contents Ukrainian Red Cross In light of the terrible war in Ukraine.

Storefront GOG also said it would donate all profits from this War of Mines for the coming weeks to support Ukraine. On Facebook, Ukrainian developers urged people to donate to the Ukrainian National Bank to support the Ukrainian army. IGN and Axios have a lot of reactions and stories describing the donation campaign. We have also added our own material on the reactions to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Our own story notes that there are thousands of game developers in Ukraine working on titles in work-for-hire studios or original games. Achievers Hub and UNIT.City Innovation Park compiled a report in 2018 mentioning 30 recently created game studios, while Beatshapers’ Alexei Menshikov said it was part of the first Ukraine game studio, Action Forms, in the 1990s.

GSC Game World, which sets up the Stalker series in radioactive Chernobyl, asked its players Donations to support the Ukrainian armyThe company expects to release Stalker 2: Heart of Chernobyl in the near future.

Ukraine’s focus on gaming.

And Upland, which creates virtual real estate games based on real-world locations, said it was helping its Ukraine-based team find places to stay outside the country. Some left last week to help set up offices in Poland, but others stuck in Kiev, Mikolev and Lviv.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian-born startup Demarket said it had severed all ties with Russia and Belarus over Ukraine’s invasion. It is raising money from the gaming community by cutting off partners and selling skins to fight Russian aggression. Users in Russian and Belarus can withdraw their funds until March 12. After that, the funds will be donated to the Ukrainian army. DMarket no longer works with Russian payment systems and its currency. Players can also donate skin through Demarket.

DeMarket said more than 100 DeMarket team members and their families had been relocated to Western Europe. But some stayed to serve in Ukraine. Game developers are part of a humanitarian crisis looming on Ukraine’s borders as families try to flee to Poland and elsewhere.

WePlay Holding also said it had terminated all partnership agreements with Russian companies. From now on, WePlay will announce any brand of Russian origin in its sports broadcasts.

Kiev-based Frogware, maker of Sherlock Holmes video games, Called everyone To help pull out Putin’s army. TollboyThe creator of Pandemic Express also spoke out against the war on Twitter. Ubisoft said It supports more than 500 of its team members in Ukraine.

Wright Games said It was postponing the Valerant Champions Tour tournament involving teams from Ukraine and Russia. The creator of Sengi Games, The Serpent Disease, also said that he would not be able to answer questions because of the war. Alexei Menshikov, CEO of the 20-person Beatshappers studio in Kiev, said his team was being evacuated.

Timeline of the game ecosystem of Ukraine.

Save the Children provides humanitarian assistance to children in Ukraine. The United Nations is sending emergency supplies and water to Ukraine, while Project Hope is sending medical supplies. CD Project RedPoland-based, voiced its own support for its neighbor.

Bungie is donating all proceeds from the first 48 hours of its Game2Give donation drive to humanitarian aid efforts in response to the war.

4A Games“We are neither politicians nor superheroes – we are game developers. Our large family includes people from all over the world, and we all want one thing – the horrors of war never come out of the fantasy world. ”

Polish developer Beetlewing also said that Donate income to his game Slipway For the Ukrainian fund of the Polish Red Cross, by the third of March.

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