Genshin Impact creator MiHoYo announces Zenless Zone Zero

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Chinese video game developer MiHoYo is announcing a brand new game, and it looks like another banger. The Zenless Zone Zero title, the upcoming PC and mobile title is styling itself as an “urban fantasy action RPG”.

From the description it is probably safe to compare it to Gansin Impact, at least in terms of gameplay. Players are called proxies, and they will create a team of characters to adventure through hollows – fantastic pocket dimensions – to fight monsters called Ethereals.

Where this really captures the imagination, at least for me, is the setting. Zenless Zone Zero sets itself in New Eridu, the last stronghold of humanity. That is the post apocalyptic setting; In the dimensions of the pocket full of monsters (The Hollows) the weird portal pops up all over and basically spoils everyone’s day. Culture fights back, develops technology to exploit portals for resources and it seems to be where the game goes.

It’s a base I’ve found in a lot of fantasy works, but it’s relatively fresh in the video game scene. It’s also close to the top of my favorite styles. The announcement made me so excited that Jenshin did not manage to make an impact.

See. I enjoyed the Gansin Impact for a warm minute. Many people continue to choose that particular sport. Combining beautiful anime characters, simple gameplay and a neat fantasy setting is basically a money-making recipe.

But I can only play a fantasy game that has not been Final Fantasy XIV for so long before it gets my attention. Urban fantasy game, though? I’m always ready for one of them, and MiHoYo has got enough credit to jump with both my legs.

Zenless Zone Zero is currently accepting sign-ups for a closed beta test. The official release date is still pending.

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