Genvid’s Pac-Man Community hits 6M players and 17K user-generated mazes

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Imagine going to an arcade and putting a quarter in a Pac-Man machine and then playing through 17,000 mazes. You can do this with Genvid Technologies’ Pac-Man community game on Facebook, where users have created their own 17,000 mazes in four months.

The game of Genvid and Bandai Namco is officially out of beta today and has surpassed six million players during the beta period. It is a social adaptation of the arcade classic game that takes advantage of user-created content in the form of player-created mazes.

And Genvid today also announced the addition of new features, including community achievements, clock mode and AI peers. Some player mazes are getting thousands of plays.

“The community is crazy and continues to build beyond our expectations,” said Jacob Navoke, CEO of Genwid, in an interview with Gamesbeat. “It’s been in beta for most of the last few months. We are exiting the beta because we are confirming that everything is working. We’ve built features that we said we’re going to build like community achievements.

More than 17,000 mazes have been created in the Pac-Man community.

The company announced Pac-Man Community Cares, a charitable initiative focused on giving back to gaming-related nonprofits. The first PMC Care project involves providing a direct game development experience to a group of underseaved youth creating custom mazes in the New York Video Game Critics Circle.

“The Pac-Man community is unique in the many iterations and adaptations of our flagship game, as it offers many ways to share and connect with Pac-Man,” said Mio Kaneko, manager of the Pac-Man business and global team at Bandai Namco. Was. Entertainment, in a statement. “From the fun and excitement of playing with friends to sharing your own mazes – the ability to work together to help or interrupt Pac-Man in watch mode, it’s a truly collaborative and communal interpretation of the original solo experience. Loved by many generations
For more than forty years. ”

Community Games features a fast 2-4 player co-op mode, easy-to-use maze creator, the ability for fans to go directly to their favorite Facebook gaming creator’s matches, and more features. And now the Pac-Man community is adding many new features, including communal achievements, a new collective achievements tracking progress in system watch mode and unlocking new features in Maze Maker when key targets are reached, to build the whole community. Offers more and different ways. And adorns user-created mazes.

Achievements include eating power pellets, ghosts, and fruits, using warp tunnels, and completing mazes. And with AI Companions, co-op mode players now have the option to start playing immediately instead of one or more human companion players with AI-powered Pac-Man characters.

And the new clock feature provides a timely way to follow AI action in a unique, audience-influenced watch mode, where the entire community can help or interrupt Pac-Man or his haunted enemies in real-time.

There are six million players in the Pac-Man community.

Navok said the game has got a lot of users because it is very easy to play. You can instantly join them, play on your own, with bots or with friends. There is no download or installation. It uses Genvid’s streaming technology for instant play and therefore works on a variety of devices.

“A group of users gained about a quarter of a million points, which they must have passed close to 55 mazes in infinite mode,” Navoke said. “They’ve probably been playing it for hours. I think they’re trying for a million now. We’ll see if they manage to get there. It’s more than expected.”

Navok said the tournament is coming soon, where players will be able to generate their own tournament with friends.

Navok said India has a large base of players, which is new and unexpected. There are many players in Southeast Asia, the Philippines, Mexico and the United States. Janeweed’s other game on Facebook, Rival Peak, has hit more than 10 million players. And a new The Walking Dead game is launching this summer.

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