Ghostwire: Tokyo isn’t a horror game, it’s Japanese ‘Ghostbusters’

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Ghostwire: Tokyo launches March 25 for PlayStation 5 and PC. Publisher Bethesda confirmed the date as part of its gameplay, which today released a video showing the ghost-hunting adventure in action. And “action” is key to understanding this new game from developer Tango Gameworks. This is not a tense survival-horror game where you try to defeat powerful enemies like Tangoz Evil Within franchise. Instead, Ghostwire is an open-word ghostbusters game with Japanese yokai skin.

In Ghostwire, you play as Akito who shares his body with the powerful spirit KK. This gives you an arsenal of magical powers and abilities to cast out a multitude of spirits.

Those magical powers come in the form of mysterious bows and arrows and the art of “ethereal weaving”, which tick talk dancers can perform magical attacks with their quirky hand dances. This ether-based crime uses familiar elements such as wind, fire and water.

With these powers, Akito and KK can explore the streets of Tokyo. The game has a Grand Theft Auto-style minimap, showing off its open-world design. You’ll find points of interest, fight spirits, and unlock new parts of the world.


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To ensure the exploration is fast and fun, KK enables Akito to use atheral grappling hooks. This magical ability enables the floating Yokai to quickly jump to the roof. But these souls can also open interdimensional portals.

Naturally, you will upgrade your character over time, and this will enable you to develop and adapt your combat strategy as you face bigger and worse enemies.

And that sounds like the origin of Ghostwire: Tokyo. While Tango fans might be expecting something closer to the Evil Legislation, the studio is building an action game with open-world exploration and character progress. And we have to go hand in hand to decide if that was a smart departure for the team.

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