Google Suspends Advertising in Russia

Google said on Thursday night that it had suspended all ads in Russia after the country’s Internet regulator demanded that the company stop showing ads that contain false information about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Google said it had taken the rare step of halting its advertising business in the country, including search, YouTube and display marketing. The move comes just days after the company suspended advertising of Russian-made media. Google said it had already blocked conflict-related ads because those people did not want to take advantage of the crisis for economic gain.

“In exceptional circumstances, we are suspending Google ads in Russia. The situation is evolving rapidly, and we will continue to share updates when appropriate, “the company said in a written statement.

Earlier on Thursday, The Wall Street Journal reported that Russian communications watchdog Roskomnadzor had demanded that Google stop showing online video ads with false political information about Ukraine. He accused YouTube of launching an ad campaign to mislead Russians about current events.

Google has been cautious with the Russian government throughout the crisis, with more than 100 employees on the ground in the country. In the past, the Russian government has threatened to take action against individual employees of companies that violate the country’s rules.

The latest example of how the Internet platforms of the world’s largest technology companies are becoming a battleground for information sharing during conflicts is the Russian demands on Google.

In addition to the suspension of advertising in Russia, Google banned RT, Sputnik and other Russian state-sponsored media from YouTube in Europe. He also said that he would no longer allow Russian state media content to appear on Google News.

At the request of the Ukrainian government, Google said it would also block access to RT and other Russian YouTube channels in Ukraine.

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