Google’s stalkerware advert ban failure, and fossil fuel giants bet on climate catastrophe

According to research by mobile security firm Certo Software and confirmed by MIT Technology Review, Google search query tracking partners such as spouse or girlfriend typically return ads for software and services that explicitly offer to spy on other individuals.

Stalkerware, also known as spyware, is software designed to secretly monitor another person’s location, phone calls, private messages, web searches and keystrokes. Even though Google banned ads promoting Stokerware in August 2020, stackerware companies still use the “app to view spouse’s text messages,” “see who your girlfriend is texting,” and “keep their device” against search results. Is able to purchase ads containing phrases including. Such as “read wife’s texts app.” Read the full story.

– Ryanon Williams

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“We understand that this is not a war between Ukraine and Russia. This is the war of light and darkness on earth. “

-A Ukrainian soldier known as Russian explains to the New York Times his rationale behind wanting to fight the Russian invaders.

Must read

I used the internet to find out some of the most fun / important / scary / compelling stories about technology today.

1 Fossil fuel giants bet we will fail to tackle climate change
They are collectively planning projects that will cross the critical 1.5 ° C threshold. (The Guardian)
, The probability that we will cross the threshold is now around 50/50. (BBC)
, Democrats are missing out on a lifelong opportunity to pass a decisive climate law. (Atlantic 2)
, Carbon removal is now “essential” to prevent rising temperatures(TR)
, Why use oceans to absorb CO2 may not be as easy as expected(TR)

2 Russia is using computer chips for refrigerators for military equipment
The country banned exports of semiconductors in February following Western sanctions. (WP)

3 U.S. A huge water catastrophe could ensue
California’s Delta Hub is at risk. The problem is that no one can agree on how to save it. (New Yorker 2)
, How We Dry California(TR)
, Why we need to change our water structure to avoid future disasters. (TR)

4 North Korea reports its first official covid eruption
But it did not say how many people contracted it or where they got it from. (The Guardian)
, Xi Jinping is unlikely to abandon his zero-sum strategy for the sake of China’s economy. (FT)
, The former UK prime minister says the world risks falling asleep in another coward crisis. (BBC)

The prices of 5 crypto are falling again
It turns out that Bitcoin is more like a traditional, risky tech stock than enthusiasts want to accept. (NYT)
, Former fans of Dr. Kwon, the creators of Stablecoins Luna and Terra are furious. (Intelligent 2)
, Crypto rich people don’t know how to pass on their digital wealth after they die. (Bloomberg 2)
, The future of the Crypto-Libertarian City project in Honduras does not look bright(The rest of the world)

6 San Francisco police are monitoring people by driverless car
Which essentially makes them mobile evidence-gathering spying devices. (Motherboard)

7 New projects could allow doctors to fully index children’s genomes
While it may reveal thousands of potential disorders, not every parent wants to know that information. (Economist)
, The scientific engineers who co-produced CRISPR are not ruling out the possibility of children(TR)

8 Google is unveiling its AI language model — but not for everyone
Users of choice will be able to ask AI to visualize scenarios for highlighting errors. (The Verge)
, Meta has created a huge language AI – and is giving it away for free(TR)

9 Safety conscious adults are buying tricycles
Only three wheels are not more stable than two, there is room for groceries. (WSJ)

10 How To Make Your Life Romantic
Having fun in small things is one of the most enduring social media trends of the epidemic. (NYT)

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