Gran Turismo 7 wants you to love cars as much as it does

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Gran Turismo 7 is about cars. It sounds like a clear statement for the racing game, but the series director Kazunori Yamauchi wants this entry into his famous automotive franchise to serve as a celebration of car culture. And he hopes to create new automobile enthusiasts.

The game is out for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 on March 4, 2022. During today’s state of play, Sony gave the world its best performance on the Gran Turismo 7. I was part of a media briefing that gave me more details.

Gran Turismo 7 is ambitious. It needs to be. Gran Turismo was at one time the undisputed king of the racing sim style. But it’s been almost 10 years since the launch of the Gran Turismo 6 for the PlayStation 3. The PlayStation 4 entry, Gran Turismo Sport, emphasizes online competition, a divisive move for fans of the franchise.

The series was once one of the most important pillars for the PlayStation brand. Now it looks like it has taken a backseat to other racing franchises like Xbox’s Forza. The Gran Turismo 7 is a chance for the franchise to get back on track (yes, another intentional pun).


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Look at the demand

License tests help you master driving.
License tests help you master driving.

Full trunk

Developer Polyphony Digital is filling Gran Turismo 7 with content. This includes more than 400 cars available at launch. Players can race in 34 locations – from both the real world and fantasy – arranged in 97 different track layouts. The soundtrack includes 300 tracks by 75 artists.

He is also looking to take advantage of the PlayStation 5. Yes, the game is also coming to the PlayStation 4 – Yamauchi notes that it was difficult for both systems to develop together – but Sony’s marketing focuses heavily on the PS5 version.

On the PS5, players can choose from two graphics modes. The frame-rate option will give players a smooth experience of 60 fps, while the re-tracing mode allows for fancy lighting and reflection while sacrificing performance. The latter may be more appropriate for activities such as replay and photo mods.

The Gran Turismo 7 is also using dual sense controller’s heptics and adaptive triggers to mimic the car’s feel, including locking brakes. However, it will not use the controller’s built-in speaker.

Gran Turismo Cafe.
Gran Turismo Cafe.

A little coffee with your diesel

I found the new mods of Gran Turismo 7 the most interesting. These include the Gran Turismo Café, which offers a history of the car and the progress system. Here, you are given a “menu” with various quests. Complete them, and you’ll learn more about the game’s cars, sometimes from the voices of the people who actually designed them.

Gran Turismo Cafe is also fair, good, beautiful. It is quiet, and it reflects the aesthetics of Gran Turismo 7. Although this is a game about racing loud, mechanical machines, there is a beauty in the presentation.

This car extends to the lot. You can buy automobiles from three places. Brand Central is where you get the new car. But it’s not just a store. You can learn about the history of major sports brands like Porsche here. It also extends to the museum-realizing legendary car dealer, a beautiful place where you can buy some of the most prestigious vehicles ever. And then there’s the used car dealer, which is self-explanatory.

I’m not a big car person myself, but the love and respect for Gran Turismo 7’s hobby makes me want to learn more. The game is just happy to do it.

Brand Central is where you can buy a new car.
Brand Central is where you can buy a new car.

Gran Turismo 7 is also emphasizing music. On the PS5, it supports 3D spatial audio. It also has a new mode, Music Replay, which is more about enjoying music than racing. You drive on the track and pass under the gate to increase your time limit – or music beats – and you “win” once the song is over.

Turning up

You’ll also find other modes you expect, including car customization, online racing and more. It looks like a complete package.

It looks like Gran Turismo has been a big deal for a long time. The Gran Turismo 7 could bring the franchise back to prominence.

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