Here's how to "Hide my Email" on iOS 15

Here’s how to “Hide my Email” on iOS 15

When you check in to websites or services using an Apple smartphone running iOS 15, you can choose to hide your email address. iPhone does this by creating ephemeral email addresses and routing incoming messages to your default account. The iOS 15 feature is demonstrated by NextPit.

Email spam is possibly the most annoying aspect of the internet, aside from the obvious lack of cat photos. Spam accounted for more than half of global email traffic in 2020, according to sources polled. Apple is adding a feature to iOS 15 that will safeguard your iPhone from billionaire Nigerian princes.

Where do the kind African donors acquire your email address?

Typically, the perpetrator is a smaller business, forum, or website whose systems have been breached, or who just have your email addresses stored in plain text somewhere public. You can now create a fictitious address for any service, and Apple will send incoming mail to you, thanks to iOS 15. And if you get any unwanted spam, it’s simple to remove it. That’s the way it’s done!

I’d Like To Keep My Email Address Hidden: What You’ll Require

It’s easy to secure your personal email account on iOS 15. All you require is:

  1. An iPhone with iOS 15 installed (duh).
  2. An iCloud+ membership

Unfortunately, masking your email address using the standard version of iCloud that comes with your Apple ID is not feasible.

In Safari, I’d Like To Hide My Email Address: Here’s How It Works

When registering new accounts in Safari after you’ve satisfied the prerequisites, you’ll notice a new option: Hide my email address. If you choose this option, Apple will create a separate email account for you and this service. Then you’ll complete the double opt-in process to create your account, and you’ll be done.

You will receive a notification in your mailbox whether your registration with a disposable address was successful. You can delete the email address if you continue to receive spam if the service annoys you with numerous notifications. On your iPhone, go to Apple ID > Hide iCloud > Hide My Email, or go to the iCloud settings on the browser.

In the settings, you may also manually construct a new email address. This is important if you require an address for a public announcement or something similar.

Protect your Email Address In Apps: This Is An Old Trick, But It’s Still Useful

For a long time, Apple users have been aware of the mechanism that protects the email address. When you “Sign in with Apple” in apps in iOS 13, Apple provides the possibility to hide your email address. If you don’t want to offer a service your contact information, you should sign in with Apple instead of Google, Facebook, and other services.

How much spam do you get on a regular basis? And how important is it to you to keep your email address safe? Are you looking forward to the new iOS 15 feature and have you tried it out yet? I’m looking forward to hearing from you in the comments!

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