Hogwarts Legacy to launch holiday 2022, gets new gameplay showcase

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Warner Bros. Today at the special State of the Play show revealed more information about its upcoming game, Hogwarts Legacy. The game is set to launch on the 2022 holiday.

During State of Play, the developers released a lengthy gameplay trailer depicting the world around Hogwarts a century before the birth of the series’ hero Harry Potter.

The trailer features some of the characters that will appear in the castle – the narrator explains that, since the game took place in the late 1800’s, most familiar faces from the Harry Potter books are not yet present. The player’s character mysteriously joins Hogwarts at the age of 15, unlike the traditional 11. The trailer also hints that the player’s character can advance the Dark Arts.

According to the trailer, the player’s character should work with Professor Fig. To investigate a possible goblin uprising. There are also indications that goblins are associated with dark wizards who, for some reason, have an interest in the player’s character (or other student). Gameplay involves the use of spells in combat and navigation, as well as talents that you can customize to your game-style. There are also different classes, each with different characteristics based on the different school work of the universe.


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The player character can customize the Room of Requirement and will also have a variety of companions to bring to their adventures. Honestly, I can gauge the action-adventure and RPG genres of the last five years or more, and you’ll probably get a general understanding of the gameplay.

We have no exact release date, but the game is set to launch during the festive season.

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