House of Fun Impact on running charity promotions within a mobile casino

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Online casino applications are not necessarily the first person to think of as a charity campaign site. But Platica and House of Fun Impact recently launched a similar campaign, and its audience is said to have been very enthusiastic about it.

HOF Impact is a community initiative of Platica, the entertainment company behind it, among others, the online slots game House of Fun. HOF Impact has recently partnered with Dots Eco to run a specific charity promotion. According to the people behind the campaign, the players were very enthusiastic about the environmental cause.

How does a slot engage players in charity work? HOF Impact said the key is making it part of their normal game.

House of Fun and the Forest

Platica founded the House of Fun Impact as a way to use her House of Fun community for good. It’s not the company’s only recent association with the charity: it donated $ 100,000 to the Red Cross Ukraine Appeal Fund after the Russian invasion of the country.

Last month, HOF Impact and Dots Eco launched a campaign to benefit the Nez Purse-Clearwater National Forest. The Forest Service was trying to replenish the forest population of western white pine trees when it was devastated by the disease. According to HOF Impact, its users voted for the charity in a poll.

Nadav Gross, CEO of DotsEco at the time, said: “We are thrilled to see House of Fun taking such an important step and turning it into a campaign that suits the fun of their game and the passion of their player community. Working with the HOF Impact team, we can’t wait to see the trees firmly planted in the grounds of the Ness Purse-Clearwater National Forest! ”

Tal Friedman, general manager of House of Fun, said the app maintains a fairly consistent audience over a long period of 10 years. The Nez Purse Forest initiative was not his first charitable endeavor – in Christmas 2020, House of Fun planted 30,000 trees in Yosemite National Park on behalf of its top players.

“This year, we want to do something more fun and interactive.” We want to turn game time into an environmental impact. First, we sent a survey to the game, and we asked the players if they were interested in the activity in the game. We know the main reason they come to play, and they don’t want anything to interfere. We then gave them some of the reasons we brought through Dots Echo. They voted for reforestation.

How slots become trees

To engage their players in the charity campaign, House of Fun launched a “play-to-plant” initiative. Players will complete in-game missions to plant trees in the real world. During the four-day event, players will fill the progress bar on a special platform in the app while performing their normal gaming. Players who have achieved milestones on the progress bar will be given in-game items and acknowledgment of their progress. They can plant up to two trees per player.

In all, House of Fun players funded the planting of 108,000 trees. The company gave special certificates to the players participating in the activity thanking them for their help. According to Friedman, the Forest Service will be planting trees next month.

When asked how the audience responded to the charity promotion, Friedman said it was positive across the board. “While we had general surveys for player satisfaction, we saw an amazing rate for this activity – more than almost any activity we have done before, and we have a lot of it. We have more social activity than that. We see crazy engagements on our social channels. The players wanted to guess how many trees we planted and shared their credentials. “

Since then, House of Fun has run at least one other major charity campaign: HoF for Ukraine in collaboration with UNICEF, in which players can help send 36,000 aid kits for refugee children. According to his Facebook page, he accomplished this goal.

In the future, they will make it easier for players to meet contribution milestones, Friedman said. “We saw that the more the player was able to contribute, the more engagement we saw. We understand that next time, we have to make it more accessible to more players. “

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