How a Crisis Actor Conspiracy Theory Rises in Times of Tragedy

“I think this gives them a form of power,” he said of the people who posted their photos, often under the guise of looking like they belong to news organizations. “It’s just horrible to mess with someone or make someone feel bad, or to say that they’re so insensitive, that gives them a sense of belonging.”

But what happens next is a more insidious fear, Ms. Phillips said: “This joke is taken by a large part of the people who are already ready to distrust the institutions of society.”

“It’s all about the conspiratorial stuff we’re moving around and setting us on a dangerous path,” she said. “It further erodes our ability to rely on the same empirical reality.”

Researchers say that such a prank has a long historical hypothesis. A man, a comedian, has been falsely named as a gunman in several mass murders, including a 2015 shooting in San Bernardino, Calif.

“I don’t think you’ll find an event of significant magnitude where this didn’t happen in the aftermath – it’s almost reflected at the moment,” said Mike Coulfield, a research scientist at the University’s Center for an Informed Public. Of Washington. “Nowadays, people promote false flags and emergency-acting principles 20 minutes after the event, and in a very formulaic way.”

Mr. The Cowfield field describes the cycle as “almost factory-made, like a clock.”

In Mr. In Jordan’s case, his photo reappears in social media posts from accounts that mimic news outlets and even their logos. Reports that “Bernie” was hanged by Taliban soldiers in Kabul last year were posted on Twitter from NCNNafghan, which was suspended by Twitter and then expanded by BCBBCafghanNews, another suspended account containing “multiple reports”. Were quoted. Death

“Bernie” has also been described as a victim of a tornado in Kentucky in 2021 and an explosion in Beirut, Lebanon in 2020. OxFoxNewsUkraine, a fake account with 17 followers that has also been suspended, claimed this year that he was “a right-wing journalist” who was killed in Mariupol, while @RussiaCnn, who has two followers, said he was a pilot. Was shot dead while flying to Russia.

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