How can I recover deleted iPhone backup files on my Windows PC?

How can I recover deleted iPhone backup files on my Windows PC?

After a factory reset, a stolen iPhone, a jailbreak, or physical damage to your device, you may find yourself in a catastrophic data loss position. Your only option is to back up your data. But there’s one more surprise in store for you. Once you’ve stored iPhone backup files to your Windows PC, you won’t be able to find them.

You have no idea how to access your backup files because they are unreadable.

Keep calm and don’t be concerned in such a situation. If you’ve ever stored an iPhone backup on a Windows computer and can’t find it or access it, this post will show you where to look for it and how to restore it to your device.

How can I recover deleted iPhone backup files on my Windows PC?

On a Windows PC, where do iPhone backups go?

Backups of your iPhone are a safe copy of all of your device’s data. On a Windows PC, iTunes keeps iPhone backups under the Users folder. These backup files aren’t in a format that can be read. You can copy them, but you should never try to move, change, rename, or extract material from them. All of these operations have the potential to corrupt backup files. You can make copies of your backups or remove backups that are no longer needed.

On a Windows PC, follow these steps to locate iPhone backup files:

  • Enter percent appdata percent or percent USERPROFILE percent in the Search bar (if you downloaded iTunes from the Microsoft Store)
  • Return the key.
  • Double-click the following folders to open them: Backup > Apple Computer > MobileSync

In Windows 7, 8, or 10, go to Users > Backups to find your iPhone backup. (username) > AppData > Roaming > Apple Computer > MobileSync > Backup > (username) > (username) > (username) > (username) > (username) > (user

Can’t find your iPhone backup on your Windows PC? With iPhone data recovery software, you can find and restore data.

Take refuge in third-party software – Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone – if you can’t find your iPhone backup data on your PC or can’t access the backup files.

What is Stellar Backup And recovery for iPhone and how can it help you?

Stellar Data Backup for iPhone allows you to locate, access, and restore missing iPhone backup data. It’s a safe programme that quickly examines your computer for your iPhone backup. The iPhone backup files that have been recovered are readable and can be saved to your PC or iPhone.

When you have the Stellar iPhone data recovery solution at your disposal:

  • You can’t seem to find your iPhone backup files
  • Your backup files have gone missing or have been destroyed.
  • On a Windows PC, you won’t be able to access iPhone backup data.
  • You haven’t been able to restore your backup on your old or new iPhone.

How can I use Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone to restore lost backup files from my PC ?

Stellar’s iPhone Data Retrieval Tool is a do-it-yourself programme that recovers all of your iPhone data in readable format from your Windows PC.

All of your deleted pictures, movies, contacts, conversations, Browser bookmarks, Call history, Alerts, Voice Memo, Notes, Facebook, Kik, WeChat, Viber chats, and more can be recovered.

It also has a Deep Scan option in case the information you want from your iPhone isn’t recovered after the first scan. Deep scan performs a thorough check of the selected device or backup in order to restore all lost or destroyed backup data.

Stellar iPhone data recovery advantages

  • Recovers backup files that have been deleted or lost.
  • Data is recovered in a readable format.
  • You have the option of restoring only the data from your backup that you want to be on your iPhone.
  • Allows you to save a recovered backup to your computer or your iPhone.

Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone guides you through the process of recovering a lost iPhone backup on a Windows PC

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to your computer and run the software.

Step 2: Select Recover from iPhone from the home screen. The scanning procedure starts.
Step 3: When the scanning is finished, you’ll see a list of all the files on your iPhone.

Step 4: Choose and save the restored iPhone data to the location of your choice. If you really want to restore data backup on your device, save it to your iPhone; otherwise, save it to your computer.

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