How do I install YouTube on the Fire Tablet – a step by step guide

How do I install YouTube on the Fire Tablet – a step by step guide

How do I install YouTube on the Fire Tablet – a step by step guide

How do you access YouTube on the Amazon fire tablets ?

Are you able to easily stream YouTube on your Amazon Fire tablet? It’s most likely not the case. It’s because you won’t be able to watch YouTube on the fire tablet without first installing a YouTube app on your tablet. I’ll show you how to install YouTube on your Kindle Fire for seamless video viewing in this post.

Why is it that you can’t get YouTube to play smoothly on your Amazon Fire tablet?

One of the most popular complaints about the Amazon Fire tablet is that you can’t watch YouTube on it without problems. Many customers claim that YouTube doesn’t work on the Amazon Fire tablet because it won’t load or only loads intermittently. The main issue is that the YouTube software does not come pre-installed on any of Amazon’s fire tablet variants (Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD, Kindle Fire HDX). Furthermore, YouTube is not pre-installed on Fire tablets, and it is also not feasible to download the YouTube software through the Amazon App Store.

Despite the fact that the Amazon Kindle Fire HD and HDX are great tablets with incredible capabilities that run on the Android operating system, it is hard to download all Android apps on these tablets right out of the box. This is because certain Kindle Fire YouTube apps are available on the Google Play Store but not on the Amazon App Store. YouTube Kids is one of these apps that lets kids watch age-appropriate videos on their Amazon Fire tablet. YouTube Kids is not available on Amazon Fire in the conventional way, although it is available through the Amazon Appstore.

How do you watch YouTube videos on your Kindle Fire tablet? If you want to watch YouTube on your Fire tablet, you’ll need to download a compatible app and install it separately from the Amazon App Store. I’ll show you how to get YouTube on your Amazon Fire tablet in a different way down below.

How can you access YouTube on Amazon Fire tablet ?

The Kindle Fire tablet has a seven-inch screen that is ideal for watching videos. The Amazon App Store for Android is the only method to get YouTube on your Kindle Fire. If the app you want isn’t available in the Amazon store, you’ll have to get it from somewhere else. So, if the Kindle YouTube software isn’t accessible on the Amazon App Store, how do you get YouTube on your Amazon Fire tablet?

Sideloading is the word used to describe the process of installing an app on an Android smartphone from a source other than Amazon App-store, in this case the app’s official store, Amazon App-store. Fortunately, side-loading Android apps onto the Kindle Fire is simple. To resolve the issue with YouTube not running on the Kindle Fire, you must side-load YouTube onto your tablet.

To ensure seamless watching on YouTube in Kindle Fire, follow the steps below to install YouTube on the tablet. The Kindle Fire is a device that allows you to read books on.

How to install YouTube on the Amazon Fire tablet using side-loading

Step-1 To begin, make sure you’ve installed the software from an unknown source on your tablet. First, go to your home screen’s primary home page, then open the Settings app. Then, pick ‘Apps from Unknown Sources’ from the Security & Privacy section (earlier models may just call it “Security”.

Step-2 To prevent apps from unknown sources, turn on the option to “on on.” This will display a warning notice informing users that downloading apps not accessible on the Amazon App Store may result in harm. Click the OK button. (Be sure to conduct your research to find a reputable download source that is aware of this warning.)

Step-3 Download and install the File Explorer or File Manager app for your tablet from the Amazon App Store. For side-loading applications, it is essential. You can get ES File Explorer‘, a well-known free tool that is simple to use and has a lot of features. It’s compatible with tablets.

Step-4 Open the browser on your Kindle Fire device and search for the most recent YouTube APK to get the appropriate Kindle YouTube app.

To avoid infection, make sure you find an official download URL as well as the exact application name.

Step-5 In the region, click for the Kindle Fire YouTube app (YouTube.apk) download link. The app will display an alert stating that the app has been successfully transferred to your smartphone; press OK.

Step-6 Then open your “Download” folder in ES File Explorer. This will provide a list of all the files you’ve downloaded to your tablet. There is also a ‘YouTube.apk’ file. If it still isn’t there, try downloading it again.

Step-7 Choose the file that corresponds to the downloaded software. It will present you with the option of downloading the Kindle Fire YouTube app. To install, click the next button. The software will be downloaded in a few seconds;

Step-8 Check to see if the YouTube app for the Kindle Fire has been installed on your Home page. It should appear if all went according to plan. HTML0for the Kindle Fire YouTube app should appear with the other apps in the ‘Device section. To open YouTube, click on the icon. After that, you may easily view YouTube on your Amazon Fire Tablet.


Because YouTube requires authentication via this programmed, it may not work on your device if you don’t have the Google Play Service.apk installed alongside it. If you see an error notice stating that YouTube cannot operate with your Fire Tablet without the ‘Google Play Service,’ download Google Play for Kindle Fire by side-loading it and then installing it on your device. To get the Google Play service installed.

Frequently asked questions

I’ll answer some of the questions that customers have asked after I’ve shown how to access YouTube on the Amazon Fire tablet.

How do I install the Google Play store on my Amazon Fire tablet ?

Step-1 Use your tablet’s Apps section to find what you’re looking for.

Step-2 Select Settings from the drop-down menu.

Step-3 Select Security & Privacy from the drop-down menu.

Step-3 Select the “Apps are from Unidentified Sources” toggle.

Step-4 You’ll be able to download and install APK files that give you access to the Google Play Store.

How can I access Android applications on Amazon Fire ?

Go to Settings after scrolling through the app’s sections.
Turn on the toggle labelled “Apps from Unknown Sources” under Security.


If you know how to access YouTube on an Amazon Fire tablet, you’ll be able to stream YouTube on an Amazon Fire tablet without trouble, with the exception of YouTube children.

Is it, nevertheless, possible to watch YouTube without any restrictions on Amazon Fire tablets? There is one caveat to be aware of: while YouTube’s Kindle Fire application is successfully installed on tablet devices (Kindle Fire HD or Kindle Fire HDX), it does not provide access to all functions. Although you won’t be able to subscribe to all channels, installing YouTube on a fire tablet will allow you to watch as many videos as you like. On an Amazon Fire tablet, this is the only option to watch YouTube.

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