How Facebook Is Morphing Into Meta

Mr. Zuckerberg has since turned to Mr. Bossworth for major initiatives. In 2012, Mr. Boseworth was tasked with creating Facebook’s mobile advertising products. After management problems in the Oculus Virtual Reality Division, Mr. Mr. Zuckerberg. Bosworth to take the initiative in August 2017. The virtual reality business was later renamed Reality Labs.

In October, the company said it would create 10,000 metavers-related jobs in the European Union over the next five years. In the same month Mr. Zuckerberg announced that he was changing the name of Facebook to Meta and promised billions of dollars for the effort.

Reality labs are now at the forefront of shifting into the company’s metavars, employees said. Products, engineering and research workers have been encouraged to apply for new roles there, he said, while others have been promoted from their jobs in social networking departments to lead similar tasks with metavers load.

Of the more than 3,000 open jobs listed on Meta’s website, more than 24 percent are now for roles in augmented or virtual reality. Jobs are in cities including Seattle, Shanghai and Zurich. A job listing for “Gameplay Engineering Manager” for Horizon, the company’s free virtual reality game, involves imagining new ways to experience concerts and conventions in candidate responsibilities.

Internal recruitment for Metavers increased late last year, three meta engineers said, adding that their managers mentioned starting jobs in Metavers-related teams in December and January. Others who did not go on board with the new mission. A former employee said he resigned after realizing his work on Instagram was no longer valuable to the company; Another said they don’t think meta is the best place to build metavars and they’re looking for jobs over competitors.

Meta also lured dozens of employees from companies such as Microsoft and Apple, said two people familiar with the move. In particular, Meta hired departments from companies that work on augmented reality products, such as Microsoft’s HoloLens and Apple’s Secret Enhanced Reality Glasses project.

Representatives of Microsoft and Apple declined to comment. Bloomberg and The Wall Street Journal previously reported on some of the employees’ moves.

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