How to make Windows 11 run better on old, cheap devices

Window 11

Microsoft is working on a new update for Windows 11 that will make the new operating system (OS) run better on dated and cheaper hardware.

Windows 11 Build 22526 is currently made available to members of the Insider Early Access program with multiple enhancements and improvements, reports Tekradar. It is not yet clear when the update will be released.

While most of the new features are small, the software giant is using this update to try out a new file location indexing system, hopefully this build will enable users to find important files more quickly using File Explorer.

The recently released Windows 11 File Explorer works very slowly and is still prone to frequent crashes. Users often have to suffer because of the slowness of search functionality.

If users have stored a large number of files in the built-in hard drive, it may take a long time to return the relevant search.

A new update can help you quickly pass a large number of files.

More importantly, it will be very helpful for users who are running Windows 11 on cheap and dated devices that suffer from long loads affecting performance.

Other upgrades to be released in the upcoming Windows 11 update include wideband speech support that will improve the audio quality of voice calls if you’re using products like Apple Airpods.

There will also be a new “windowed” system for the popular Alt + Tan functionality.

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